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Contemplation by autumnsky66 Contemplation :iconautumnsky66:autumnsky66 5 0
Some people like the burning sun.
But I prefer the pouring rain, splattering on the pavement like a can of paint.
Some people like blue skies and puffy white clouds.
But I prefer the deep blue of a midnight sky.
Some people like birds and airplanes soaring above the atmosphere.                                                  
But I prefer the constancy of the glimmering stars, swirling each in their own colossal galaxies.
Some people like the humor of a reality television show.                                            
:iconautumnsky66:autumnsky66 0 0
Endless Winter
The mountainous piles of snow seem to reach to the heavens and single drops of water from melted icicles fall to the earth in the glow of the warm afternoon sun.
Winter is stretching on and on, as if it has something left to tell the world, although no one is left wanting to hear its message.
The early signs of Spring try again and again to push their way through, but are blocked by Winter's cold hand.
The last signs of Autumn are all but eradicated, as barely a single leaf remains on the large maple tree in the middle of my yard.
Prayers for Summer are ignored, as the time for sunny beaches has passed, and will not return for what seems like an eternity.
Flower petals remain closed, but still fight the enduring battle to emerge and bring a warm wind of change to the bitter countryside.
People huddle in their abodes, seeking heat from a dying ember, stifled by the coming night.
Animals remain resting in their warm shelters, living out their long hibernation while Winter lasts.
As the s
:iconautumnsky66:autumnsky66 1 0
Something Worth Fighting For [Intro]
"I told you, I don't need a PA!" Maria was furious. Why did Director Fury think she needed one? Sure, the Battle of New York was kind of stressful, but she handled her new leadership position just fine.
"Don't worry," Nick reassured her, "She's only been at this agency a year, so she won't bother you with any of the Level 7 material. Just simple tasks, like getting coffee, or relaying messages to myself or other agents. Plus, she'll get to meet our heroes, which might help give her a confidence boost."
Maria grumbled, but submitted to the Director's wishes. "Fine, but if she annoys me too much, I'm done."
Nick smiled. "Great! Well we might as well start now. Agent Leighton!"
Maria huffed as a young lady sitting across the room looked up anxiously, and stood, walking over to Hill and Fury. "Agent Hill, I'd like you to meet your new assistant, Agent Kierra Leighton. Leighton, I'm sure you know Agent Hill."
"Of course," Kierra tentatively stretched out a hand. "It's wonderful to formally
:iconautumnsky66:autumnsky66 1 0
Inspired by a City of Owls
Many people see the beauty in beautiful things, but others find beauty in things you would not expect.
And the beauty in nature can sometimes be seen better from a different perspective.
When you think of the sky, or of the wind, what will you imagine?
Will you see the blue as perfect as a newborn's eyes, the tranquility of an evening walk in autumn?
Or will you imagine a pure liquid shattering into a thousand pieces, or a songbird drowning out the howling storm?
As sun-drops fall on your tongue and water falls over your feet.
Impossible thoughts are conceivable, when you see them through the mind's impossible eyes.
As you let those lullabies carry you into new worlds of dreaming,
Let your butterfly wings fly you to places unseen,
As you are rocked to sleep by Earth's steady twirl.
And the only tears you will cry are from fluffy white clouds,and the only pain you will feel from lush green meadows.
You are taking the world in stride, shining for them all to see.
:iconautumnsky66:autumnsky66 2 6
The Impossible Girl by autumnsky66 The Impossible Girl :iconautumnsky66:autumnsky66 11 5 Teddy by autumnsky66 Teddy :iconautumnsky66:autumnsky66 3 7 Untitled by autumnsky66 Untitled :iconautumnsky66:autumnsky66 5 2 In Too Deep by autumnsky66 In Too Deep :iconautumnsky66:autumnsky66 4 4 Doll OC doctor who by autumnsky66 Doll OC doctor who :iconautumnsky66:autumnsky66 6 5 cool fairy art (me) by autumnsky66 cool fairy art (me) :iconautumnsky66:autumnsky66 3 5 Forgetful by autumnsky66 Forgetful :iconautumnsky66:autumnsky66 3 15
Taylor dashed down the stairs, breathing heavily. Upon reaching the bottom she turned the corner and hid behind a large crate of some unknown materials. She heard someone else coming down the stairs and frantically attempted to stifle her loud breathing. She could not be found. If she was found, then all would be lost. She cautiously looked around the side of the box, hoping her pursuer had moved on. She thankfully was alone again, for the moment. She sighed and proceeded to plan out her next moves. She needed to find a place that would deem her safe, at least until she could manage to get away.
Suddenly, she heard two voices coming near where she was hiding.
"Are you sure you saw her come this way?"
"Pretty sure. She was running pretty quickly but I think she came down here and ran down this hallway."
Taylor breathed a sigh of relief. They thought she had continued down the hallway instead of turning and hiding. She managed to sneak by them and climb back up the stairs. She ope
:iconautumnsky66:autumnsky66 1 6
Valentine's Day 2013
I walked through the hallways
Smiling my best
I spent my day single
Like most of the rest
Yeah maybe it was a little sad
I expected nothing more
For when you're single on Valentine's Day
It's bound to be a little sore
So I accepted the chocolate
Gave out a few hugs
Sent texts to the people
Who had stomach bugs
But as the day went by
My heart was slightly hurt
I did not feel loved
In my polo and plaid skirt
So I went from class to class
My eyes about to burst
I finally remembered with a smile
The One in heaven who loved me first
:iconautumnsky66:autumnsky66 1 8
Jennifer by autumnsky66 Jennifer :iconautumnsky66:autumnsky66 3 12
A wish is like a cloud.
Always visible.
So close,
Yet so far away.
Yet it falls in pieces
Around me.
I know I could never reach it.
Never feel its softness and warmth.
I am doomed to forever think of that cloud.
The wish I can long for,
But it is never to become
A reality.
I am drowning in reality.
:iconautumnsky66:autumnsky66 2 5


Between clouds by Ellysiumn Between clouds :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 1,278 102 Ash rain by Ellysiumn Ash rain :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 2,658 203 Magical view by Ellysiumn Magical view :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 881 91 Deltarune by TsaoShin Deltarune :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 2,741 129 I missed you by KateFrankienaBeck I missed you :iconkatefrankienabeck:KateFrankienaBeck 63 17 Glowing sunset by Ellysiumn Glowing sunset :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 1,491 124 From other world ~ II Challenge for Writers by Ellysiumn From other world ~ II Challenge for Writers :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 2,683 179 The summit of dreams by Ellysiumn The summit of dreams :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 1,901 118 Cosmic vision by Ellysiumn Cosmic vision :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 1,494 137 The rise of the eagle by Ellysiumn The rise of the eagle :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 1,262 97 Dreaming by Ellysiumn Dreaming :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 1,629 139 Mark and jack aren't the only one with egos by Prince-riley Mark and jack aren't the only one with egos :iconprince-riley:Prince-riley 78 13 Captain Marvel by jht888 Captain Marvel :iconjht888:jht888 95 13 Winter's Tale by Ellysiumn Winter's Tale :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 1,540 120 In the distance by Ellysiumn In the distance :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 1,344 132 Symphony of stars by Ellysiumn Symphony of stars :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 1,358 125
Check out some of these awesome pieces of artwork! :D


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Hey friends!
I apologize that it's been so long! I know I'm not active on here anymore, but I figured this would be a great place to recruit people.
I am in an introductory statistics class right now, and we have been tasked with recruiting survey participants in order to replicate a published psychological study. It will take you about 5 minutes or less to complete, and it would really help me out a lot.

Below find the link to the study, and after completing it you can view your score on the personality test as well as other people's scores in some summary graphs.…

Thanks so much in advance, and I hope you all are doing well!

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