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Epic Angel-Neopet-Taelia


Taelia, also known as The Snow Faerie, is a unique faerie that lives near the peak of Terror Mountain. She has icy blue eyes, jet black hair, and alabaster skin. She is most often seen wearing a heavy coat of blue and white furs. Her wings are feathered and are the same icy colors as her coat. A kind and caring faerie, Taelia helps Neopets who have gotten lost in the mountain's blistering snowstorms to find there way home.

Taelia is a talented healer and alchemist. She often brings sick and injured Neopets back to her home and helps nurse them back to health, and her magical potions have the ability to lift even the most devious of curses. She often sends Neopets out on quests to bring her back certain items, which she in turn uses to create potions and spells to heal those in trouble.

At the end of chapter 6, (Hannah and the ice caves) Taelia found an unconscious Mynci at her doorstep. She took pity on the Neopet and brought him into her igloo to warm up. Unfortunately for Taelia, the Mynci was actually the thief Valin. Once in Taelia's house, Valin began to attack the Snow Faerie, and he used a magic wand that was lying around Taelia's house to trap her in a solid block of ice.

Much later, the Keeper of Time freed Taelia from her icy prison. After being freed, Taelia used one of her potions to lift a life-sapping curse that had be placed on Hannah.

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Angel or Faerie? Either way this is a being that gets my fascination all over it. But you already knew that. Good luck with your future works. You do great!