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:groove: _revamp_

I've been wanting to redo for awhile, but didn't really get up the motivation to. Now I have, and can cross this off my to-do list! 8D

Basically it's for those times you just feel like grooving. Or something like that. :lol:

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This is one of my favorite emotes, it's too cute~
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this is cute and really smooth..nice dance effect overall :} i love how you do your 'aww' eyes too..with the roundness to them :aww:
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^_^ Thank you very much for the compliment! Especially about the eyes c: I love it when people comment about the details. :)
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hehe, he's awesome. p.s. I know this isn't helping with your 300 messages that you're trying to get through, but I had to comment on him, I overlooked the little guy when I looked at your gallery last O.O
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:aww: Thank you. c:

It's alright. Other people kept commenting too, so you're not the only one guilty of the offense. Plus you're a decently likable watcher, so you have that in your favor. Sorry you overlooked him, glad you spotted him this time though! ^^
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Yay I'm likable! :dummygiggle: usually people think I'm annoying because I can get hyper at times, but it's nice to know someone thinks I'm likable other than my friends :aww:
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:aww: Thank you! <3
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Love the shading. :nod: Makes me want to get down! :dummy:
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:lmao: Hooray! :icongrindanceplz:
Thank you, lol <3
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Just to let you know this emote was featured in the latest volume of So i herd u liek emotes?? :aww:
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so cute :meow:
he looks shiny 8D
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:giggle: Yay shiny!
Thank you ^_^
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