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January 11, 2010
" Swingin' On a Star _revamp_ by =AutumnOwl displays some brilliant shading, flawless animation and great choice of expression to make an adorable little emote from an up and coming emoticonist. " -Synfull
Featured by PurpelBlur
Suggested by Synfull
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Swingin' On a Star _revamp_

Inspired by Zathura, final card pulled from the game before it's all reset:
"Would you like to swing on a star? Move ahead 9 spaces."

For full backstory, go see the original.

A little while ago, `Synfull offered to critique deviations. I really wanted feedback on the original of this one, and she was very helpful :) I've done what she suggested, namely:
1) border around the star
2) recolor the string for more visibility
3) recolor the little emote

I hope it has improved it overall :)

Thanks, `Synfull :hug:

(c) :iconautumnowl:

;_; a DD? Thank you so, so, so much, `Synfull and ^PurpelBlur. My first DD...I am so happy. :happycry: Thank you everyone for the support and congrats and all, I'll try to get through the messages asap <3

Edit 2
Now with Star-swinging plz account action. As requested by a few people...this is the only plz account I'm creating. This is, after all, a rather useless emote.
:_iconswingonastarplz_: without the underscores. :)
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Flurr4's avatar
So Cute!!!!  Heart Love 
HrobinEndrCrepr's avatar
leahfox134's avatar
can i use this in my stamp?
HrobinEndrCrepr's avatar
You posted this on my birthday last year! Hi-five!
JaylerFox's avatar
GreyMoccasin's avatar
What a sweet creation. :D
LunarBard's avatar
I absolutely love this. :heart::heart:
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A quick note to let you know that this deviation has been featured in Volume 1 of The Emoticon Corner!

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DeathLee28's avatar
:iconswingonastarplz: i LOVE this song i remember listening to this on some tape called "Singing in the bathtub" or something (My grandparents got me into these good ol classic songs and classical music)
SmeargleGirl's avatar
I love, it, so cute. :aww:
AutumnOwl's avatar
Your-friend-Sushi's avatar
Ima use this as a 'thanks for the fave" thing X3 So adorable :sushi:
Mirz123's avatar
:la: Just to let you know, this piece was selected as a fan-favorite and is featured in Volume 6 of Random Emote Awesomeness!
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Nice work. Congratulations to the DD. :iconflowerheartplz:
mezluvzhorsez's avatar
LordBloodySoul's avatar
:iconswingonastarplz: Yay :la: Now I can be like Ristar :D xD

So cool!
AutumnOwl's avatar
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