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Not at all what I had originally intended, but...meh. :shrug: It's kinda cute, right? :XD:

Use your imagination. Perhaps he just saw his parents doing......well, like I said, use your imagination. :l

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Looks like that emote just had a massive heart attack. 
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I added this emote to a chat's topic and it came up as a Mature Deviation flag instead of the emote. Any idea why?
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That's peculiar and I couldn't possibly explain why. I don't have it flagged as mature content...Maybe it's a conflict with the submission system? I posted this emote before they revamped the submission page...but that's about the only reason I'd guess. I'll go in and edit the deviation to make sure the mature content rating isn't on, but that's about all I can do :/ I'll do that right after I send this comment so give it a couple of minutes and try again, and if that doesn't do anything, maybe ask an admin?
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Didn't fix it, it must be something on chat side. Thanks for getting back to me so fast on that though. ^^

[link] That's what's showing up, if curious.
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I was, I was so befuddled but thanks for showing me precisely what was going on. Sorry it took so long to get back to you this time, heh. What are you using to put the emote up there? I don't want to underestimate your intelligence, just want to understand. Are you using the thumbnail? Or using that weird link that I've seen in the dA FAQ to link to an image? I'm sure you're using the thumbnail but just making sure. Have you been able to contact an admin about it? I'm sure there's gotta be someone who oversees the chat functions of the site and helps out with bugs like this one.
Is there a rating system in your chatroom? Maybe there is something on the deviation page that tripped up some censory routine?

Sorry my first suggestion didn't work but let me know if I can help in any other way!
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I was using the code I had bound to your thumb in my custom emote list and that was working fine previously, now I tried the direct thumbnail and it does the same thing.

Have not contacted an admin yet, but if it's not patched soon I will. It's a fairly obvious problem, it even pops up if I use two emotes in the same line.

Typing out ":wave2: gnight : poof:"

Returned the line with the correct wave emote followed by "20833625 : poof: 22x18 4 fs7:i/2005/202/5/8/_poof__by_darkmoon3636.gif 0:0:0"

(spaces between the colon and p were added to prevent the :p emote)
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nevermind me xD
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Kinda cute? You kidding? It's insanely supercute!! :iconilavplz:
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This is obviously the greatest thing ever, and I shall not let it go to waste.
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very 'horrorible'. I like it, your static emotes speak volumes
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:giggle: Yey puns. c:
I'm glad you like my static emotes so much ^_^ It makes me feel better about my work, thank you.
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Looks a little like it has a lockjaw :aww:! Totally cute!
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D: ouch! You're totally right lol :XD: Now I'll see that whenever I look at it. :giggle:

Thank you! :la:
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:giggle: Thank you very much!
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Ahhh... the horror! D:

It would haunt me in my nightmares :I

Well, anyhoo... It's cute! :dummy: Though, it looks kind of like it's fan-girling someone xD Yeah I know... I have a wild imagination C:
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:giggle: As it should.

:aww: I said to use your imaginations, and I can see how it would look like it was fangirling over something. Thanks for providing a different perspective :)
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"what do you mean your taking my cookies".
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D: Only thing worse than that is taking chocolate!

...unless...:paranoid: unless they're taking chocolate cookies. :iconscreamingemoteplz:
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