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Buildin' a Snowtard

3K Views's the end of the month. WHEN THE HE11 DID THAT HAPPEN. O_O
So, yeah. My little Turkey Day avi isn't going to be right for the ensuing holidays now.

Today is "Black Friday". Instead of going out with the rest of the insane shoppers of today, because I haz me no monies, I stayed home, cleaned my room, and made this. :dummy: I love the background :D

I'm pretty sure little blue down there doesn't know a white tard jumped up on the base of his snowman. o .o

I guess it's fitting I post this now. IT'S SNOWING OUTSIDE D;

To be edited with "Merry Christmas" for my icon; but you don't need to worry about that, the submission here is done.

(c) :iconautumnowl:
And yes, I did say "Merry Christmas". I celebrate Christmas and I don't give a flip about what holiday you celebrate. Deal. =P
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So funny. I want to play in the snow too! Have a great day!
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Snowtard is blinking! IT'S ALIIIVE!
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I just LOVE you last comment! I agree!! :) :tighthug:
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the snowtard
it blinks
its alive! o0o
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He's really cute, and is it in the night? The sky looks very dark.. ^^
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Nope, it's a snowstorm. When I get a snowstorm out here where I live, it gets pretty dark. :shrug:
But thanks :aww:
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haha okay, still, if you imagine that it's night, the whole atmosphere of the emoticon changes ^^
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That's very true. But it then raises the question of...what is an emote doing out in the snow at night, making a snowtard? :lol:
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Maybe the emote is in love with the tard emote, and he/she couldn't sleep so the emote got out of bed in the middle of the night, and built a snowtard to show his/her love! :)
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:lmao: Honestly...the tard blinks. I just imagined it to be :dummy:, covering itself in snow and jumping up there unexpectedly and the blue emote has no idea. So...I don't think that explanation quite fits. Sorry :hmm:
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Wait, :dummy: got into the snowthing the emote was making secretly and wants to glomp the emote on a moment and than they both fall in love ^^
AutumnOwl's avatar
I find no flaw with that scenario. :giggle: So it shall be.
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Aieee!! :fear: It's a blinking snowtard!!
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:giggle: It's a snow-:dummy:!
And :dummy: blinks :giggle: Figured I might as well make this one blink.
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The that snowman. The blinking with it is just awesome. lol
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hi! i featured this in my journal [link] :excited:
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Really? :iconeeeeeplz: Thank you so much! :glomp:
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I love your snowtard!
AutumnOwl's avatar
:aww: Thank you so much! <3
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Congratulations, you've been featured in Emotional Emoticons! :dance:
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