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A Flower

Just for the sake of cuteness.
I felt like doing something shiny and cutesy.

Quite obviously my flower pixelling skills are no rival of ^mintyy's. Ohwell. c: I like it, and that's all I think matters.

(c) :iconautumnowl:
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Everyone's saying its cute and adorable. I shall be somewhat original! *looks in a thesaurus yes, I am that sad It is... positively darling! :aww: Just the thing you need to look at for a feel good day. :)
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:lol: Hooray for being "original"! I like that..."positively darling". That's awesome.

Thank you very much! :)
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It's really adorable. :heart: The flower may be off, but it still fits in with the emote and the grass. This makes it absolutely adorable as well as cute. :love: Very well done. I look up to things like this for inspiration~ C:
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:blush: D'aww, thanks. I'm glad you like it :)
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You should animate it. :iconyesyesyesplz:
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:lmao: And what might I do to it to make it animated? I can't imagine there'd be much to do with it...but if you give me an idea, I'll see what I can do to make it happen :)
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I wrote this 4 months ago? I don't remember what was I thinking. Oh well you don't have to animate it, because like you said it doesn't look like there's much to do with it anyway. :lol:
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:lmao: I am so sorry; it really has taken me this long to get back to you. And there are still others I have yet to get to that are older. ^^; I'm sorry.
Well, if you do think about what to do with it in terms of animation (not saying you have to think about it obsessively...just if something springs to mind randomly) pass along a message! :la:
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very shiny and very cute
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So adorable! The shading is great too!
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:giggle: Thank you very much! Glad you like it :)
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The start of an impossible romance between emote and flower? Or an emote waiting for his/her love under the shelter of a pink bloom? :giggle: From the way the emote is blushing, it looks to me like it could be either.
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:lmao: Yes, that must be it! Their love can never be, for the flower is asexual and the emote...well I dunno what emotes do to reproduce :confused: I know there are many theories, but they have yet to be proven lol.

I think the tard just spent a little too much time out in the sun--you know how you do that and it looks like you're blushing when you're not? lol. Pretty sure that's it ;)
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Just to let you know this emote was featured in the latest copy of So i herd u liek emotes?? :dummy:
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she also wasn't perfect in the beginning... :noes:

you did a really nice job.
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:giggle: She was still a lot better. :)
But whatever. c:

Thank you very much! ^_^
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