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One Scary Dream [Ver 1.0]

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Published: November 30, 2017
© 2017 - 2020 Autumnflower1991

One Scary Dream is a RPG Maker VX ace fangame of Axis Powers Hetalia created for the November 2017 GameJam by the Trash Trio (Bambi, AngelKitty and me).

Titlescreen was drawn by Bambi.

Main Characters: Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria

Story: After reading a new bedtime story to his little brother, Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria find themselves trapped in a storybook dream with strange little creatures.

Trigger Warnings: Blood

You will need the RTP to play this game. 

There are a total of 5 different endings.

This game is about an hour long; even shorter when you know where to go and what to do.

Let's Players are allowed to play this game.
If you run into bugs, please comment or send me a note so I can try to fix it ASAP!

Download Link:…

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TigerKittyDudriiHobbyist Writer

Where can I download RTP? I can't find anything

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you can find it with a google search of "RPG Maker Vx Ace RTP" :3
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bluuskkye77Hobbyist Artist

This game is really fricken cute so far but like,,, how do save?

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PreciousNoobPlumHobbyist General Artist

Hallo! I am putting up a Let's Play for this game right now, and I make it a habit to credit the artists involved, but I don't see any links to the other artists profiles (and I am uncertain if they have any here on DA). What the links to other artists' preferred profiles, and would they mind me including a link to any profile at all?


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Hello Plum!
Thank you for playing this game for a Let's Play ^^ The artist, Bambi, doesn't have a DA, so please instead post their tumblr blog for credit.
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FukrauHobbyist Digital Artist
This is such an amazing game! I really love and enjoyed playing it~! I'm happy Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova are having their deserved feature in the hetagame fandom more~! :3 The art is so v v cute too and I'm very much looking forward to the finished wips; of course the full game as well! I managed to get all the endings too, I think~! The puzzles were v well-planned! That plot twist tho-- ://0 Even though the game has no jump scares, it's still great at making us feel slightly creeped out and putting us on-guard! It's so eerie! Great job working on this, Trash Trio! You all are amazing! Keep up the good work! ❤
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faninhetaliaStudent General Artist
Great game! warm little story and the facesets are sooo cute wwww. It is actually hard to find a hetalia rpg game that is so well made now. I can't wait to see those completed screenshots!
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I only found the bad ending. How do I get the good one?
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They're cute in the picture.
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Julie500Student General Artist
Love the game!!
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That game was so cute ^^ It had great story and so pretty arts, great work:clap:
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aAAAh this game looks amazing why haven't i discovered it earlier-- (probably because i don't play hetagames but sh-(

is this available to play on mac as well or is it just windows-

i love you so much romania, moldova and bulgaria are in here- aaaA
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RainbowOtakuGilbirdHobbyist General Artist
I REALLY like the game but... 

I can't seem to get past Bulgaria's fear... the shark room thing
If you could help that would be great. 
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If you’re still stuck, send me a note ^^
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RainbowOtakuGilbirdHobbyist General Artist
Still stuck... sorry
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Send me a note please ^^
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RainbowOtakuGilbirdHobbyist General Artist
A what kinda note... 
I'm terribly sorry
I sound
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ohh my god o.o this looks good 
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Hey, could you also note me when the final version is out?
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I will if I can remember ^^
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Or rather, will you make an official announcement/update this post when the final version comes out?
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Could you please send me a note about how to unlock the endings? I can't find every one...APH England: Scared Romano (Shy) [V2] Finland (Crying) :AphRussiauneasy: 
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Send me a note telling me which ones you did find ^^
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MarianGarf05Hobbyist General Artist
I can't seem to find the other 3 endings... I tried several times and I got the same (two) endings. Would you mind to send me a note about how to unlock each of the endings?
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