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Spotted Mountain Lion Companion by TokoTime     Bison Companion by TokoTime
Looking for a Mountian Lion and a Bison! 

I can offer Rolls!
Will be either Lit or Art

Or I can offer slots
Pharaoh 27950 by TotemSpirit Long Lost Sight 4309 by TotemSpirit BearBruk 21188 by TotemSpirit Cara 27656 by TotemSpirit Kodan 18790 by TotemSpirit Ikuta 14071 by TotemSpirit Siku 25559 by TotemSpirit Haida 15468 by TotemSpirit
Mulor S002  and   Quetz S017 
Must NOT be in Lineage


Would highly prefer for them to be Golden!
But other colours are welcome

Tails I am most looking for: 
Slender Tail
Curl Tail
Whip Tail

I'm not massively fussy about anything else!! 


Activity Rolls - Will be in the form of Lit

'Riddle Me This' by autumn-corpse In the Face of Danger by autumn-corpse Faizah's Forms by autumn-corpse The Ormond Twins Reference by autumn-corpse
Art: Look here for more Examples
Or Tokotas slots (Please ask) 

Presently I am only looking for imports as I just don't have the time to design a Geno

What Coat colours I like: 

Not in order of favourite

Rust, Spice, Garnet, Wine, Abyss, Jade, Sea Moss, Machiatto, Apricot, Cantaloupe, Peach, Latte, Sand, Coffee Cinnamon, Acorn, Molten Gold, gold, Citrine, Gingerbread, Rouille, Maroon, Chocolate, Nightshade, Brown, Pecan, Peanut, Fawn

Markings I like: 

Not in order of favourite

Barred, blanket, Bleached, Dun, Dusted, freckled, Inked, Masked, Oriental, Points, Sable, Skunk, Socks, Ticked, Vitiligo, Roan, Splash, Tabby, Tobiano, Overo, Mottled

Traits I like: 

Not in order of Favourites

 Sonar, Fluffed, Silken, Draco, Rodent, Large draco, Dumbo

Base Brush, Reptile, Papillon, whip

What I am Specifically looking for: 

Would highly prefer No simple Imports, thank you


Friese // Duvetuex 

Mostly looking for a Tabby with no tail, would love other markings but must require Tabby
Molten Gold or gold preferred
Ear type doesn't bother me massively but would love Dumbo ears


Friese Coat type with a Base brush tail, would love dark natural colours like chocolate with Tobiano or Overo
Would love Dumbo ears


Not massively specific with Runners, but will be picky. Not really looking for a Runner

What I am offering! 

Mostly, I can offer Art. I have little examples of Vayron art that isn't like a year old c: 

Large Pieces: 

Style may change
'Take the Leap!' by autumn-corpse //  In the Face of Danger by autumn-corpse //  'Riddle Me This' by autumn-corpse


Hunting Roll (5) by AutumnARPG//  Caving Roll (14) by AutumnARPG//  Hunt (2) by AutumnARPG


Viola by AutumnARPG//  Marlie~ by AutumnARPG//  Chipper  - Pagedoll (EverestNight) by AutumnARPG

Flower Designs: 

Viola 29152 by TotemSpirit // Flowers by autumn-corpse

If interested in slots, please ask 

My main Account is autumn-corpse 
Any import Transfers will be mane to this account
As the Title suggests, I am looking for some Toki's! 
I have far too many geno's to get designed, and I'm not really looking to at to that so...
Imports only!! 

At the present moment, I can only offer Rolls or possibly slots to my Tokotas
May consider doing Rites for a really pretty boo

I'm not necessarily looking for a rare mane Toki, but I'd still be interested

Looking for Female Toki's with a few markings
Though if the import is nice enough I may accept a male

Mostly looking for Cream Tundra's or Tawny's

would prefer a cream brown

Markings I love: 
Dun, flecking, saddle, sable, barring, wolverine, Roan, Blanket 

Markings I hate:

It be awesome if the boop had a bobtail!! 

This is my second account, for examples of my artwork please go here
Rolls will be done in the style on this account
Flowers by autumn-corpse

I can probably resize it to a Tokotas/Toki if wanted c: 

Things I am interested in: 

Tokotas Items

Things I am not interested in: 

(If you can prove to me that you are reliable, then I may consider them)