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hand, hand, hand, UH-AAAAA!!!! Σ(Д|||)
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Violet (my oc) : OW MEGS!

megatron: i- uh sorry?

violet: *whimpers*

megatron: sighs and begins to wrap my hand*

violet : -3-

megatron: I’m sorry again violet

violet : it’s ok but you owe me hours of cuddles and movie watching!

megatron: *sighs*

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ouch, certainly a fairy tale.
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Me: I knew that that would happen -3-
Megsy: yeah yeah... *bandaging my hand* then why did you lay your hand on mine?
Me: because...
Megsy: because...?
Me: secret...~
Megsy: ...
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Me: (tapping on the hand)O_o 
Megatron: (response by turns his hand around):) (Smile) 
Me: EH!! (slowly creeping in)omfg 
Megatron: (Snap!!) GOT YA!!!XD 
Me: GAHH!!Run Away 
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Megatron: stop poking me, understand
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of course.... of course *sips tea*
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My goodness...
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oooooooooooouch >x<;
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I'm surprised he didn't break the entire arm doing that.
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Oh scrap, RATCHET! Megatron messed up again!!
Dj-Crunch's avatar
Oooh that trap, hope that wasn't you drawing hand >_<
Autumn123Charlotte's avatar
haha~~don't worry, i am left hand user XDD
Dj-Crunch's avatar
Woah that's cool and rare ^u^
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I think you just broke her hand megatron.
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someone get Ratchet !!! OmO
Puella-Januaria's avatar
Ahah, wonderful <3
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