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i made too many cry two days ago. even me. cry a lot.
so i decide to make some laugh today.
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This is the funniest thing I've seen today!

Optimus ends up missing and Bee hits the ground and his human friends bounce off him.
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Tessa: DAD!!!
Cade: I gotcha!
Bee: Hang on!!

Optimus: Shit-shit-shiiiiit!!!

XD this is amazing!
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this is awesome!
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The catch train
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that will catch that?
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*giggles like a little school girl*:giggle: 
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i Think G1 Prime would say : dont worry i catch ya all 
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Optimus: as if saving the earth wasn't enough work!! |:|
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ahahahahahahahahah X'D
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This made me smile. Thank you for drawing this!
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Such sweet sentiment. Also funny. Someone is always falling in these movies.
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XD He's like, "Fuck the sword, I must save my comrades!"
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lol the catching part in TF4
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Omg... that is amazing! I love it s much :3
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