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The Hanged Man - color

Probably my favourite card - The Hanged Man. I coose some pretty gentle colors for it ^__^
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luv this tarot!^^ ;)))
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Lemme guess
The spiderwebs= the tangled plots that Roxas finds himself subject to, yet ultimately destroys.
The chains= his bonds of friendship that sustain him even as they limit and control his actions.
The butterflies= random chance and whim, but also potential for change.

Am I right? Overthinking? Mind blowing? Pushy?
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:D It's open for interpretations. I like your explanations!
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I absolutely love these, the designs are so creative! <3
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This is awesome! Well done!
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The hanged man is supposed to be at peace, but here, it looks like he's about to cry.
(That's my only complaint.)
Very good job here! I love characters made into tarot cards!
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he's so cute!
I really do believe that this card represents who he is in a way. I mean, the main meaning for the hanging man is self sacrifice, and he pretty much does that in the game. I just wish that there was more emphasis on the self in kh2, but in his game, there were times that he would do such things as sacrificing himself. right?
I haven't played through the entire game yet, so I wouldn't know.
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Thank you ^__^ Sadly, there were not so much about him in KH2, there is also 358/2 days.
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yeah. I've got both, and I haven't gotten farther on 358/2 days.
you're welcome!
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I really like it, but just what did Roxas do to get himself hanged?
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OOOOhh WOW! Simply BEAUTIFUL. I love this one. Amazing work! :O
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Great Great Great
You have wonderfull Ideas
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Gorgeous~ It does fit him so well!
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Np! Keep up the great work!
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it so cute but you put 12 instead of 13
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It's ok - 12 is number of Tarot card, not Roxas's number in Organization ^__^
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ohhhhhhhhhhh it somewhat fits!
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