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Sindel from Mortal Kombat, talking with her hair.
She was my favourite character in the game, I even took her name as my nick. I still has warm feeling for her ^__^
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You were featured on Mortal Kombat Online:…
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:iconmonkeyloveplz: what a beautiful picture :iconmonkeyclap:
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you should see her in the new game she kills so many kombatants!!!!! She's my friance's favorite character too.
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Wow, sounds cool!
I'd love to see a Hair vs Hair match between her and Bayonetta. lol
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Haha, that would be cool! Too bad, Bayonetta has too much advantages.
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do you mind if i color this i really love the lines!!
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Surely, I don't mind, it's cool ^__^
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Ah, it brings back the old memories of the game series. :D

nice bottom btw. :eyes:
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She had a good body for older woman :eyes:
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Truly deserves the "MILF" title. xD
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yeah this is really beautifully drawn.
nice tight line work. takes me back to the MK3 days... good times :)
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Cool! It's pretty rare to see her fanarts.
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I agree, too bad because she is great!
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Whoa, I didn't think you knew about MK! This is awesome! :excited:
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This was favourite game of my childhood ^__^ I still love it a lot!
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It was? Wow...

I've only heard the name all my life, and I only looked it up last summer, but I've been intensely into it ever since!

I almost wish I was older so that I could have played some of the classics...
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I played MK Ultimate on Genesis and back then I thought it's the best game in the world...
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One of my favorite characters, wish you have the appetite to do her again :)
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Oh, that's cool! Not so manylikes her, but she is so great!
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I love the angle of the pose. I love the detail in the hair.
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