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Wow, I'm starting posting it! Really! Almost year of work - and the first chapter of my story is finished. This is very importand work for me and I hope you'll like it. (or at least notice it ^_^) I put almost year of my life on it (even created special alphabet) and I'd be glad to any kind of responce - hate, flame, even trolling!
It's experimental work, combining traditional art and flash animation with interactive elements, where reader should unlock secrets for fully understanding of story. I'll explain the concept later.
Many thanks to ~Zannid for beta-reading almost all of first chapter. She is awesome! Also thanks to ~WorkingTitleGames and ~shivu2738 for help.

What's happening with us when we are dreaming? What good and evil creatures are lurking in our dreams? The whole new world - with different laws, different moral and different values hidden in our subliminal consciousness. What will happens with few teens who accidentally are getting caught in that world? The story will have some disturbing content, violence and probably some sexual themes. You are warned.
This is only the cover! You can see some of main characters here.

Next page: [link]
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interesting!^^ ;)))