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Alis and Lutz

Alis and Lutz from Phantasy Star-1. Cute couple!
Simple pencil.
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Aww... It's like she's sad and he's telling her that everything's alright, that they'll win. Haha, I know this pic is almost 6 years old, but I couldn't resist.
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Wonderful work! Alis x Noah/Lutz is probably my fave ship from Phantasy Star. This drawing is just beautiful! Well done. :XD:
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I'm just in awe of this piece. You drew the hands and expressions so incredibly well... this is defintiely one of my favorite pieces in my favorites gallery. ;)
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Cuuuute! It would totally work, too.
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Aww, you're welcome!
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That is probably one of the coolest ideas ever for that series =D =D =D

THIS pic goes to my favs
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*squee* eeeee! I thought I was the only one who thought they should be a couple! *thumbs up*

As for the art itself *ahem* Beautiful line work and toning. The expressions in their faces/hands are wonderful.
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Wonderful sketch! It honors the glory of the original Phantasy Star.
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Nice details and shading! I always thought they should be a couple as well. Good to see some PS art around here.
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Glad to fing anyone who also like this couple!
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Cute! I love your shading. And it's Las...*gives up on spelling*'s castle in the background too.

I'll support this couple too then... XD although isn't he is a little old for her? They're 27 and 16! *Gets killed by Lutz's Flaeli* =D
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Love how their hair looks.
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