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"As a son of Hades, Nico always walked a fine line between life and death. It would be far too easy to delve too deeply and slip into madness, as so many of his father's other children had. So when he walked too close to that line, when the voices of the dead called too loudly from the Underworld, Percy would gather him in his arms and press Nico's ear to his heart, the sound of life drowning out the siren call of death." (omfg best Percico headcannon ever)

"He had his father's eyes - that intense, manic fire that made you suspect he was either a genius or a madman."

"Nico’s eyes looked like shattered glass. Percy wondered sadly if something inside him had broken permanently."

I know the eye is rather disproportionate but whateveeer. I love the colours and texture in this. I'm just sad that I couldn't exactly express what I wanted to :(
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Hmmm, they do look very much shattered.
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This is a really nice piece of artwork and a nice headcannon to follow. ^_^ Thank you for making this!
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no, thank you! comments like these make me so happy uwu
Oh any more expressiveness and my head is going to explode! This is just perfect, especially after just finishing the House of Hades this evening.
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Aaaaah, thank you so much! :)

DON'T REMIND ME OF HOUSE OF HADES I WILL BREAK DOWN INTO A MILLION PIECES ALL OVER AGAIN. (It was amazing but omg I felt so bad for Nico aaah I just want to hug him and tell him everything will be all right - YAY FOR JASON)
Also, I love you for mentioning that headcanon. I found out and I am absolutely loving them. Thank you, I agree that this headcanon is the best ever (line between life and death one).
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yesss, they're so good! i love that blog. glad i could help someone find something they like. :)
Also, the quotes make me look stupid for not figuring this out earlier. I mean, I *did not* see this coming, but it is an amazing twist in the story.
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Beautiful. I love this piece. He just looks so... broken. As he is supposed to look, really. Wonderful work. :thumbsup:
Do you know which book the madman quote is from? :O
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OH MY, ASDFGHJKL;, thank you <3 That means so much to me!

The madman quote is from The Battle of the Labyrinth when Percy and Nico are talking about Nico 'being accepted by the living'. It's when they get into the Labyrinth for the last time after escaping from Daedalus's workshop. It's one of my favourite parts about Nico :)
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*Whips ot BotL* Hmm... MmHmm... Yes, yes. Alrighty then, thnx for that!
Glad to have made you happy! :D
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