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I was just thinking, after seeing KittydogCrystal's new artwork of Crystal in a shirt then seeing the few comments there i just don't really understand...

Who the heck cares about who goes on the front page of Deviantart? I never really realized until now how some artists like Kittydog and Sleepykinq have been getting not only hate but insults claiming their art isn't good enough to be on DA's front page. What is that about? Sure, some say it's because their artstyle isn't a style or their art style's too simple or looks lazy compared to people who make hyper realistic artworks of mythical creatures and humans in detailed landscapes and things like that.. But why does that matter? Why don't they deserve their fame and followers and favorites? Because they're "Overrated"? Isn't anything that becomes popular overrated?

Plus the reason they're even on the front page is because people like it, a HUGE bunch of people like it and DA bases artworks around how many comments and favorites a deviation has right? Not only that, you should never blame the artist for being on the front page. You don't blame anybody for their own art being on the front page, it isn't their choice! If it was then all the underrated artists who think THEY deserve to be on the front WOULD be on the front page!

Does anybody see how strange this is??

Me as an artist and a user on DA never even goes to the front page much to look at people's artworks, and when i do then i usually only fav a couple few because i'm not focused all the time to finding the most beautiful artworks on the front page, heck even newcomers... I bet you anything most the people that use DA always go to the search bar to find artworks they might have more interest in!

Another thing that might keep you from ever being on the front page is probably your lack of #Hashtags ! I see so many artworks without hashtags because they're either too lazy or they say they'll get to it and never do or they just have no idea idk what it is but you shouldn't complain about someone being more noticed than you if you're not going to even try and put yourself and your art out there in groups, hashtags, other medias or wherever or whatever it'd take for you to be as well known as most artists!

Lots of people are still well known, others more so then some but still everyone is getting noticed when an artwork has been faved. You're no different, you don't have to care about the front page or be on the front page to become as popular or famous as some artists out there.. They're on there because people like their own art as much as the artists probably liked making it! Most of them don't do it for the fame or for being popular and even more well known. Most just draw because they enjoy doing so and they enjoy how others enjoy their works too. Stop treating them like they're some kind of modders or cheaters when they haven't done anything wrong. They're just going about their business and doing what they want without hurting anybody, you're only hurting yourself and everyone else by putting your attention to those you hate instead of putting that attention and love to the people you think the fame and the front page actually belongs to... If you really think other artists deserve to be on the front page more than some others then why don't you do something about it as their supporter like make art feature journals about their work, commission them and show off the amazing masterpiece they made you, compliment them, request them to all your buddies and their buddies, just focus on THOSE people if you really care who goes on the front page. Stop complaining about who's there and make whoever you think deserves it more BE there! DO something!

I'm sorry this turned into a kind of rant... It's just weird how people can be sometimes over the smallest of things that won't do much harm. These are one of the main reasons I'm how i am, i don't care if i'm on the front page or not, i just appreciate whoever happens to stumble onto my works and actually complements them or even wants to buy my designs or make them some art because they like the style of it. I just do everything for myself and what makes me happy instead of caring about other people and what I think their place should be.

Sorry if there are any typos or if what i said in my rant made no sense, i just quickly made this while i was in the mood, idk if anybody would care or see this but i just want kittydogcrystal to know that no matter what, if she's on the front page or not, if people hate her or not.. I just want her to do whatever makes her happy and i want her to be as strong as she can be whenever something gets tough for her. I bet a lot of her fans also agrees a bit of what i said and will always be there to support her and every other artists like her no matter what others think. Because we know she does deserve what she has and we wish someday we'll get that chance soon. 

(Sorry for the tag but i guess if she even sees this i wanted her to read? Idk keep being awesome as pancakes Kittydog-)


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Lecca leaf I think
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Thanks for the :+fav: :meow: 
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AuttumntheGuardian Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Artist
No problem! I love the way you drew all those characters! They're all beautiful!
agentdingoxx Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh what??? you didnt have to pay me back!!  i dont even remember what it was for?
AuttumntheGuardian Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2018  Student Artist
Pixel! The rainbow dragon you gave me in return of a detailed fullbody and some points around maybe 200 or so, i just had to give ya 190 more.

From your old DA account
agentdingoxx Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you didnt have to do that!! i really appreciate it though!!
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BATTLEFAIRIES Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2018
Thank you for Favouriting my work! This means you can now ask the Djinn FOUR questions. The Djinn will answer truthfully and to the best of her considerable abilities. Have fun (and come back often)!
AuttumntheGuardian Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2018  Student Artist
Alright XD Reading all the answers it had really made me giggle
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