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"My own theme - done by the epic piano player: codename000nerd"

Really old. I ought to compose a new theme for you someday.

-Toby, Founder and Lead of the DystopianArchives Crew

Music doesn't get old, friend, and neither does the appreciation for a received gift. I still like it, still am just as grateful for it and still have a few local copies of it (as it hasn't been available on youtube for a while now). That being said, you have no obligation to make a new one for me. I would hate to waste your time.

Right you are. Years have passed since that gift was bestowed upon you, and given I have somehow matured in my musical competences, it would be more an honour for me to bestow you another gift to an old pal like you and your brother. 

Thank you for taking your time to write your reply to me nevertheless.


I have no doubts that you improved. And you know me, I'll always appreciate anything given to me, as I'm certain Marek does. It's entirely up to you though. Also I now wonder, do you still upload your pieces anywhere? Your youtube channel is very silent and I don't remember anymore whether you've had an alternative. Not gonna lie, I've had a lot on my mind these past few years. Lastly, Marek is not available anywhere except discord, so if you wanted to contact him personally, be sure to send me a note so I can give you his ID.

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you have nice works ~
I think you confused my favorites with my works, as I don't display my work on my main page and have stored all but one of my own submissions. 
Thank you for the favorites! It is very much appreciated. :)