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I was browsing for a 'Critique Requested' button or stamp on dA but I couldn't find one, so I made one...

You can use this within deviantART, feel free to let me know if you do :)

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lavenderflouf's avatar
:/ This stamp is dumb
Onceuponatimetherwas's avatar
I'm sorry but this stamp is really... stupid... If you put something online you should prepear to get critisized (not really a bad thing if it's constructive critisism), also telling someone to not critisize you shows them that you either know that something is wrong with the picture but you're too lazy to change it or you're just a coward who doesn't want someone to burst their bubble and tell them that their work is any less than perfect.
ScissorWizard707's avatar
you said it. a person who doesn't want to be criticized is a person who doesn't want to improve their craft.
artwatcher2's avatar
Madara! I dare you to hug Tobirama!
road-tripping's avatar
aa love this, I was looking for some stuff like it because I want critique on some of my art but not all of it :>
drive-a-leaf's avatar
Oh, I'll be using this for a some of my art!
gamewizard-2008's avatar
No critique, please. :3
gamewizard-2008's avatar
No critique, please. :3
Autopsyrotica-Art's avatar
I much prefer yours! Well at least there's some out there now ;)
nitchwarmer's avatar
I have noticed them popping up. :D
nitchwarmer's avatar
:rofl: Check this out, I couldnt find one either..LOL

Squibley's avatar
To be honest,I think anyone who doesn't want a critique is a pussy.But that's just me.
Autopsyrotica-Art's avatar
Yeah, personally I love anyone who has the time to critique me :) but this button was requested
Squibley's avatar
Oh,I see.
Me too.I usually look forward to it.
Autopsyrotica-Art's avatar
Oh yes, I am always excited to receive one :)
TracyWong's avatar
That's great! :D Thanks for making this! :) :dance:
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This has been added to the archives of #DarkArt-Challenges :wave:
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