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Olivia Wilde Typographic Portrait

By Automaticize
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Typographic Portrait of the lovely Olivia Wilde :)

The words I used are an assortment of key words relating to her work and various poems

Done in Adobe Illustrator CS5
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Wow!!!! its amazing!
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Name of the typeface used please! 10x!
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Envelope distort is a trick i never knew!
It helps a LOT (Y)
10x lady, keep it up :D
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I'm not sure how I even stumbled upon it haha
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I have a college project like this, but I'm struggling :( how did u transform the letters?
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Here is how I do it (May not be the best way, but it works lol):

Before anything I'd like to say that I use Illustrator CS5 for this part, hopefully it's similar across all versions, but I don't know for sure.

first, to warp the text I type out what I need, select it, go to "type > create outlines"
Then, I create a box around my text that has no fill and no outline, then I select both the box and the text.
With both selected go to "object > envelope Distort > make with top object"
now I have text that I can use the "Direct selection tool" (Shortcut key is just press -> "A"), To warp however I want.
Then I put the image I want to copy on a new layer under the text layer, set the opacity down to like 20% and then star warping the text in the text layer to match the curves/details of the portrait.
The Key is to do it only one or two words at a time... so it does take some time.

Then I take just the text layer into Photoshop, create a layer of just black then "hide" it.
Create a new layer under both of these layers that is the original picture we are copying.
Then go back to the text layer and using the "Magic Wand Tool" I select one of the letters from my text. Then "Right Click > Similar" and it should select all text on that layer.
Now without deselecting, show your hidden layer of just black, select that layer, and then press the "Delete" Key.
Now "Right Click > Deselect" then hide your text Layer, and You should have yourself a nice little portrait :)

If you are only allowed to use text and no image behind it like I do, and you want different shades of grey or anything, you'd need to change the color of the text before you "envelop distort" or change it in Photoshop with the magic wand tool one letter at a time.. which would be a pain haha.

I really hope this helped and goodluck on your project!! I really want to get a proper tutorial up soon for this but I've been so busy with fun college art stuff lol. But I'll get one up eventually :)
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This is really cool. :)
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Thanks :) I was actually creepin on ur page not long ago i think. checkin out ur motorcycle. verynice
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LOL, thanks. Feel free to creep on my page all you want.
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haha, you like? :) thankyou
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on her forehead its says doctor remy hadley. AWESOME
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haha nice catch, House is where I first saw her ;)
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Thanks me too : D
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Ki--KatHobbyist General Artist
oh cool!
i did this in art class once,
only with newspaper x_x
it was fun... i think xP jk.
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haha well im glad u like it, and of course it was fun! arts always fun :) lol
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oh here! i saw this :) how did you warp the text from your image?
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hey there :) Here is how I do it:

first, to warp the text I type out what I need, select it, go to "type" then "create outlines"
Then, I create a both around my text that has no fill and no outline, then I select both the box and the text.
With both selected go to "object" then "envelope Distort" then "make with top object"
now i have text that i can use the Direct selection tool (A), so warp however I want :)
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lVlorf3usProfessional Artist
I love Olivia and love this piece. I've done like 5 typo-portraits of my own (for example Scarlett Johansson [link] ) but I haven't try style you've used here. I don't quite get it, how it's actually done (probably using warping effects on each phrase? or some liquify transformation or whatever?), but it's wonderful. :-)
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haha im really glad u like it, and Olivia Wilde is the shizzzit ;) but yes i group each phrase and then warp it to match the curves of her face. its tedious but worth it i think. but yours is fantastic! it must have been a long process for you as well
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lVlorf3usProfessional Artist
Sounds like interesting technique indeed, I'm kind of tired of my old technique, so if I do any typo-potrait again, I'd love to try similar style. I've seen it before, but I just never dared to do it. And thanks, I'm glad you like my work. Yep, it was quite time-consuming (like 32 hours). :D Do you remember how long it taked to make your Olivia approximately?
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Id say around 8hrs total, including some time to mess around with colors and stuff. So i guess thats not too bad haha. but i will hopefully put up a tutorial next time i do a typo portrait, u probably know the general idea of how i did it, but maybe ud be interested in seeing it anyway
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