Free For All Friday: DRAWTOBER

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Today's Canvas

Just 10 more days until we start DRAWTOBER.

What's Drawtober?
A 30 day drawing challenge, hosted by Autodesk SketchBook!
It's for fun, to improve your skills, and to get to know everyone in the SketchBook Community!

Here's the skinny:

- Watch the account ~Drawtober.
Each day in October, a blank canvas will appear with a creative prompt, like this.
Nobody knows what the prompts are until the morning of!

- Take this blank canvas, download it, and draw the prompt.
Use your imagination. Go crazy. Do you create a literal interpretation, or do you see the prompt in a different way?

- Upload your finished prompt to your own DeviantART account, and submit it to the Autodesk-SketchBook group.
All the submitted entries will go in this folder and be separated by the day.

And bam! You're done.

At the end of the 30 days, we'll do a recap post on the SketchBook Blog!
Your art could get featured and be seen by our huge audience! So get ready to bring your skills.

So here's the Free For All Friday part:
What do you want to see in Drawtober? What kind of prompts?
What don't you want to see? Do you want more skill based tasks - like to render something on your desk, or more imaginative prompts - like to create an underwater spaceship?

Let's hear it!

Take Part in Drawtober!
Drawtober is a 31 day drawing challenge hosted by Autodesk SketchBook and Microsoft Surface, designed to get your creativity flowing with a new art prompt every day through the month of October!
Step 1
Join autodesk-sketchbook and SurfaceArtGroup to take part and see each day's prompt.
Step 2
Each day, download the new canvas and create! Upload your drawing when you're done.
Step 3
Submit drawings to our Drawtober 2014 Gallery folder, then comment on and favorite other drawings!
© 2013 - 2021 autodesk-sketchbook
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Is this doing for 2014 also?
cloudlakes's avatar
I need practice with drawing hands. It's probably the aspect of figure drawing I need to work on most right now.
I like the skill tasks alot. But that's why I joined drawtober. Scenery prompts might be good too to push my skills.
reneedicherri's avatar
kerikillam's avatar
Im not finding prompts.. :(
reneedicherri's avatar
Hi there! They're being uploaded by *drawtober and they're all here in this folder: autodesk-sketchbook.deviantart…
AlexiaFrancescaC's avatar
reneedicherri's avatar
What does that mean? 
theWudge's avatar
Does it have to be digital? or can we print out the prompts and do pencil/ink?
reneedicherri's avatar
The whole idea is to use SketchBook, but even if you're not able to it's still nice to have you participate!
Bowtiefoxin's avatar
if we missed out on the first two days are we allowed to catch up and do like, three in one day?
reneedicherri's avatar
Yeah, it's for fun. It's good to keep up but I'm not going to exclude anyone. We all are busy sometimes, right? 
Woodster555's avatar
It says i don't have permission to submit to this group.
reneedicherri's avatar
Maybe you haven't joined a member yet? You have to go to %autodesk-sketchbook and join our group ! That should be in the top bar, by the logo.
Woodster555's avatar
Thanks i found it.
OculiTertia's avatar
I just wish the kickoff would be more globally minded. I feel that Australia, Europe and everything in between falls short on time.
reneedicherri's avatar
I can understand that. But I'm definitely not going to be a stickler on time. This is for fun. If you need more time, that's ok!

I can have the prompts release automatically during the night, but I'm the only person working on this and I live in GMT -8. So it will unfortunately have to wait until I wake up for some of the stuff  . . . 
OculiTertia's avatar
That's alright. Thx ;)
Woodster555's avatar
Where do you submit to the Autodesk Sketchbook group?
reneedicherri's avatar
Go to your deviation, and on the bottom right sidebar there should be a button that says "+ Add to a group"  
Woodster555's avatar
All done for today 
OculiTertia's avatar
Aight. I'm done and off to bed!
OculiTertia's avatar
Ah wrong journal... ignore!
Woodster555's avatar
How do you download the prompt? Do you save it as an image?
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