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Jen - 20 - Loner

I'm an art hobbyist so I don't draw that often, but when I do I mostly design characters (mostly Transformers) and study concept art. When not doing art, I play video games, watch YouTube videos, fangirl out on my obsessions, search up music, and sleep, eat, and shit like everyone else on this planet.

Thanks for stopping by. :)

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Favourite Visual Artist
Sean Murphy, Alex Milne, Feng Zhu, Hugo Martin
Favourite Movies
Captain America: Winter Soldier, The Fifth Element, Resident Evil (2002), The Dark Knight, Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny
Favourite TV Shows
Transformers: Prime, Hellsing Ultimate, Accel World, Sense8, Law & Order: SVU
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Evanescence, DANCE WITH THE DEAD, 2Pac, Slipknot, Suilen, A Perfect Circle, Tool, Deadmau5, Mick Gordon, Gunship
Favourite Books
Grunt Life (Weston Ochse), Dark Matter (Blake Crouch, World War Z (Max Brooks), Tokyo Ghost (Image Comics)
Favourite Games
DOOM, Fallout, Gears of War, NFS: Most Wanted (2005), Left 4 Dead 2, COD: Blacks Ops 2, Dungeons & Dragons, Minecraft
Favourite Gaming Platform
Xbox 360 & One, PS2, and PC
Other Interests
Tattoos, Cats, Coffee and Tea, Dark Synth, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Transformers, Venetian Masks,


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Hello everyone! I hope you all are good and taking care of yourselves. I apologize for my absence but my life took a crazy turn the past few months and it continues to today. Due to that, I have not done any art during that time. Recent events have made me decide that I will put more effort into my life, and art, as my depression and anxiety have fully taken over my life. I have not killed myself because of my close friends supporting me and being there for me as I am for them. I will be putting more effort into my art. I don't know if I'll upload them or not since I don't have my computer with me that much anymore since I live in a place w
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Just came back from KNOTFEST Show. Slipknot was amazing! My neck is sore from headbanging too hard lol. Totally worth it though. Behemoth, Gojira, and Volbeat was there too as the opening show. I thought they were pretty cool. I had a great time woul...
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Made an account to sale any adoptables I create here: :D Come check it out!
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Happy birthday!
I don't normally comment on peoples pages (I'm a nervous wreck ahdnjd) but can I just say that your art is extremely good omg?? It's amazing looking through your gallery and seeing how your art has improved like woah dude see I don't draw Transformers myself cuz for me they're really difficult but my brother does and I have a huge amount of administration for art like yours because of the time and detail that's been put in, anyways sorry for the essay just your art is really good :')
Aww thanks, yo! I really appreciate it that you took the time out of your day to comment on my page, especially since you normally don't. :hug:

I get what you mean! It's crazy to look back at my old works, especially the ones I did at a young age because they're so cringe worthy, but I was just a young, beginning artist so I don't criticise too hard on myself. Transformers on the other hand... if I weren't so passionate about robots and TF, then I'd probably wouldn't be drawing Transformers because it definitely is difficult to draw them, especially your own fan characters. Kudos to your brother for drawing them, though! :la:

I can tell you now that going through all of impatience, tears and unforgiving thoughts throughout my journey of being an artist is definitely worth it as it put me to where I am now, and I still have a long way to go. I hope as you get older and more experienced with art that you share that same feeling. :)

My comment is definitely an essay. XD

Again, thank you. :love:

and thanks for the watch too.
Yo welcome dude honestly it's well deserved you're very talented :') I can't look back on my old art without it hurting my soul, I've improved so much and yeah I'm really proud of myself but it's the fact that I thought I was a really good artist back then and now it's just like "wtf what was I thinking" XD I remember my first time drawing a Transformer and I was actually really proud of it, I admired my brothers art for so long and just wanted to draw like him, you know? So I tried and I was buzzing to show him it when he came home from school that day and he was super proud of me for it ^v^ He even showed me how to shade the pencil to make it look like a robot. I've watched all the Transformers movies and Transformers prime and honestly I was way into them growing up (Arcee was my gal <3) but drawing them wooo ^^;
Honestly I might start drawing them again, people as talented with them as you make it look so easy but it really isn't help XD
I've only been drawing for four years and I can already relate to the impatience, tears and unforgiving thoughts, the amount of times I've wanted to just give up is uncountable but honestly I'm glad I didn't because I'm starting to be more proud of my drawings now and I'm happy with how they've progressed over the years :'D

I think I just wrote a book XD

And thank you for your wise words of art wisdom XD <3

You're very welcome for the watch, again it's well deserved you're very talented <33