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This is a quiz for you to see how many modern storytelling cliches something has. It could be your own original story or a movie or show you're reviewing, but these are the annoying cliches that commonly appear in modern stories. Note that cliches are not inherently bad. Plenty of good stories use them and most of them rely on execution. But still, here's a number of cliches most are getting sick of seeing.

Name of the story/movie/show/game:

Blazblue: Chronophantasma Extend

(Note: I have yet to play through the Remix Heart stories of Chronophantasma so any information below from said story that may apply here will not be mentioned.)

1. (X) Dead parent/parents (Make that a burning church as well.)
2. () Foreshadowing major character death in prologue when it's obvious they're not going to die
3. () The elaborate lie/misunderstanding
4. () The great shunning after the lie is reviled only to be forgiven a few minutes later
5. () "I wanna be a *blank* but my family disapproves/wants me to be something else!"
6. (-) Midlife Crisis (Define "Crisis")
7. () Musicals using pre-exsiting songs
8. (X) Strong chicks are violent chicks (Alexandrite II & Spirit Of Fire)
9. (X) Women punching men = comedy (Take a shot everytime Makoto knocks the shit out of Kagura.)
10. (X) Comic relief interrupting non-comedic/dramatic moments. (Ever heard of Gag Reels?
11. () Dogs are good, cats are bad
12. () Intrusive and/or redundant narration
13. () Possessive parents keeping potential love interests away from their kids.
14. () City Slicker in the country
15. () Country Bumpkin in the city
16. (X) Nature VS Man (Arakune counts as nature.... I think.)
17. () Bumping into each other/holding hands for a few seconds = TRUE LOVE~!
18. () Bickering enemies become romantic couple T minus nothing
19. () "BEST *blank* EVER!"
20. (X) "Really?"
21. (X) "Seriously?"
22. (X) "Come on!"
(Do these three reallyneed explanations?)
23. (X) Your main character is... DIFFERENT! (....Which main character?)
24. () Celebrity voices!
25. () "You just gotta BELIEVE~!" 
26. () Twist villains
27. () Pre-climax arguing for forced drama
28. () Pre-climax separation for forced drama
29. () Fake-out death
30. () Fake out death (where they wake up in 20 seconds while the other character do nothing)
31. () "The power of love conquers all~!" 
32. () When a character is able to magically push through/defeat something just because they gained more determination 
33. () Working parent = EVIL AND NEGLECTFUL!
34. () Children looking exactly like their parents but with different hair styles
35. (X) Characters having the same hairstyle their whole life (If anyone has note any changes in Jin's hair, please correct me.)
36. (-) When a villain tries to torture the protagonist and fails to get information but only threatens to torture someone close to the protagonist (...This is half right.
37. () Forbidden love
38. (X) Females being brutal and masculine treated as "strong character traits" (Pretty sure it is.)
39. () "I wish mom/dad didn't have a job so they could spend more time with me!"
40. () The "rebel unfitting for the role" character
42. () The female lead is paired up with the male lead for no good reason
43. (X) Annoying sidekicks (Catus Carnival II Yeah Tao can be annoying, but come on. You know you love her.)
44. () Darker features/colors = EVIL!!! 
45. () Stupid/gullible/clueless protagonists 
46. (X) GIRL POWER!!! (Hell yeah.)
47. (X) The 'lovable jerk' character (:icontag-hazamaplz: : *whistles while casually spinning his hat around*)
48. () Overprotective parents
49. (X) Forced comedy/drama (Gag Reels. Again.)

Total: 16

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Started by :iconryanthedarksider:

Describe 10 games in 1 sentence. 

Blazblue (Calamity Trigger - Centralfiction)

The Game that broke every limit on every type of porn there is. 

Persona 5 

I could sing the entire first half of Last Surprise from memory thanks to this game. 

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

:iconragnasmileplz: : Apparently I'm not the only one that has a stupid looking wanted poster now.

Fire Emblem Fates

Dragons, Samurais, and Knights, oh my! 

Splatoon 2 

Dual Wielding abilities makes every game better! 

Super Smash Bros.

When someone says "Who would win in a fight?" apparently somebody thought it would be fun to make a game to solve this. 

Dynasty Warriors

The game where the player is always the second strongest character everytime.

Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle

The laws of porn are about to be broken even more...

Bakugan: Battle Brawlers - The Game

When video gaming was ACTUALLY good...

Sonic And The Black Knight

Take a shot everytime you wanted to put some duct tape over Caliburn's mouth.

Honorable Mentions) 

Persona 4
The Harem Knight Rises. 

Star Wars: Battlefront
The love child of Call of Duty and Battlefront

Well that's done...

Why the FUCK are you still here?! Go do something else with your lives now! Cya! :wave:
There are some people who are getting too fake here on DA. They only want posts, comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who will actually re-post this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people in my friend list actually pay attention. Copy and re-post in your own bulletin. Let's see who the true friends are... Re-post this if you are a friend... Don't reply... Just copy and paste this in a new journal as "Fake Friends".

Copied from :iconantogames:
So, I was strolling over the internet again, on Youtube. When I happen to read the comment section of the following video:

Someone made fan lyrics for a large portion of the extended version of this song. And the lyrics were so awesome I went on the wiki and made sure this wasn't actually official. All round of applause to techadraws [unrelenting meme] Sunbent on YouTube. If you happen to be here on Deviantart and see this, and you aren't okay with me reposting this, tell me and I'll gladly remove it! 

Screenshot 2018-04-16 at 8.25.37 PM by AutobotHoneflash

So for now, enjoy this sick repost!


We're here, in your mind
And as you'll see, as you'll find
"Bind up, won't let them escape"
Is that really a way to live your life

And the pain you've caused, dealt right back
You've lost sight, it's not just white and black
Keeping crimes unstable
That's what, Keeps us stable

Pain is not the answer, yeahhh,
Finally we have the limelight
And with this newfound power
We'll put an end to endless blight

We're not the killers, but we're not the bystanders

Let's become free, let's not endure the pain he's caused us.

Chorus: 1:27

Can we stop, the user of disgust?
Can we stop, the keeper of lust.

Our selfs
Hear the sounds of rebellion
(In this mess)

Bridge thingy starts at 1:56

(Don't you feel like we can't be suppressed)
Don't you feel like we're getting depressed
(Don't you know that we can stop containment)
Don't you know that we can't stay stagnant!

Verse starts at 2:14

Finding our selfs in darkness
Awaken your potential
Now we breath free
Now we don't have that luxury

Right or wrong you decide
But the answer is inside
Dig a little deeper
But you realise that your that shallow

We're not the killers, we're just the ones to start trying
Open up outside, we will be the first to start dying

Chorus again at 3:03

Can we stop the hate
Can we end the wrong fate?!

The one
To hold us back
(In this wreck)
In this fake tech
In this castle
In this temple
In this casino
(Keeper of-</i>

Hey guys. Nicholas here again, with December's Update. Before I start with the update, I'm gonna make an announcement; Well instead of the normal what's keeping my time format, I'm just gonna list the things. You'll see what I mean if you compare this journal with the others. On that note, I think I'll hop right into it and just discuss the things that are going on. 


OC - Serena The Bloodedge by AutobotHoneflash

Instead, I have something special for the OC's thing.

BlazBlue: The Next Generation

Firstly, shout-out specifically goes to my sister (Twin-Yin-Yang) for really helping me out with this (love you sis ;p). While we were on the first OC character we drew (OC - Serena The Bloodedge), she gave me idea of starting a comic series based off these OCs. And I was totally in agreement with her on this. Therefore, with her help, we'll start on this sometime this winter, hopefully. Although I will have to wait for:

-Her: She said she was gonna take some time to work on her own things. 
-Me: While I figure out the script for the chapters.

But as an added bonus, I may post a little spoiler later on about the series, which will basically be a short scene (possible RP Starter), just to give you an idea of what to expect from this series. 

Video Games

Image result for chronophantasma extend Related image   Image result for dw8e ps4 case      Image result for tf foc ps3

I'm just waiting for Winter Break so I can break out my games again!


And that should be it for the announcements, not including school..... And Memes.
Okay, Okay, I'm going. See ya.

OC - Yuno Kisaragi by AutobotHoneflash
Name: Yuno Kisaragi
Also Known As:
-Son of the Order

Age: 24
Status: Active

-Jin Kisaragi (Father)
-Noel Vermillion (Mother)
-Tsubaki Yayoi (Stepmother)
-Liana Kisaragi Yayoi (Sister)
-Serena Alucard (Cousin)
-Ragna The Bloodedge (Uncle)
-Rachel Alucard (Aunt)

Yuno grew up to be a cold person. He rarely every shows emotion to anyone. The only times he ever seems to show emotions is when involving in family, usually only his sister Liana, or his mother, Noel. He is known for showing concern and anger about Noel when Hakumen informed him of her death.

He seems have a certain hatred for Serena, with her being the one who murdered his father and mother. His hatred and anger also comes from, whenever they meet, Serena teases him by bringing up and talking about how she killed them, especially Noel, in detail. However, among all that hatred he still cares for Serena, seeing her psychopathic attitude as a desperate cry for help. This can be backed up as the reason why she brings up Noel and Jin's death, is because she tries to make him feel the pain she felt when Ragna and Celica were killed. 

His biggest regret in life was ever killing Celica in the first place, as he realizes now that he made Serena into the monster she is.

His relationship towards Hakumen isn't the father-son relationship as hoped. His emotions remain inactive whenever they meet, even though he clearly knows Hakumen is his father from a different time period. However, he occasionally listens to any advice he can receive from him, and uses it.

Yuno cares most of all for the safety of Liana, his sister, who he knows wants to hunt down Serena for Jin's death. He's even tried talking her out of it, knowing that Serena can kill them both. With Liana and Tsubaki being the only one's that are truly left in his family, he tries to keep them safe, and as well asks for Hakumen to keep an eye on them. 

Just as Serena and Liana were born normally, so was Yuno. Though out of the three, he is the oldest.

After hearing about Ragna's death, he was the first to comfort Serena, even after she tried to say that it was his father. However, after Jin was killed by her, he immediately turned against her. 

Blinded by revenge, when Liana suggested killing Celica in revenge, he couldn't see what damage this would do to her in the future, and when he saw it, it was far too late. Working together the two kidnapped Celica, lured out and beat down Serena. As a result, no matter how much Serena begged, Yuno still executed Celica in front of her, knowing that he didn't want to, but to him it was far too late for him to turn back. 

After this incident, he later learns that it was Rachel who set all this up, causing all of this to happen. However, Yuno refused to believe that Rachel would cause Ragna's death of her own free will. Upon discussing it with his mother, Noel, she asked him to see if he can find out from anywhere the truth, in hopes of soothing Serena's rage towards humanity.

As of now he continues to roam the Earth searching for the true person responsible...
OC - Kiruu by AutobotHoneflash
Name: Kiruu
Also Known As:
• Hazama
Yuki Terumi

Age: 22
Status: Active

Yuki Terumi/Hazama (Creator/Father/Past Self)

Kiruu acts like a proper lady for most of the time, as well as lets her style of clothing compliment it. She is very good at hiding her motives and identity to people, which is noticed as neither Ragna or Hakumen could recognize her as Hazama/Terumi. However, when serious, Kiruu talks at a monotone voice, usually to sound intimidating. She uses this on Rachel when invading her mind.

Her relationship with Serena is mos questioning, considering Serena is the daughter of Ragna, who killed Terumi. However she doesn't seem to hold a grudge for her past death, and uses her cunning, in which she used to turn Serena to kill others, or to tell her the location of Yuno and Liana. 

The Terumi side of Kiruu has always been angered at the fact he was reincarnated as a girl, while the Hazama side seems to use it to their advantage.

Upon his final battle with Ragna the Bloodedge, Yuki Terumi was defeated, and supposedly killed. However as a last ditch effort, his soul departed and escaped it's way out of the boundary, leaving the deception that he was killed, while in reality he survived.

About 30 years later, his soul took form, and Terumi was reborn as Kiruu, who takes the appearance as a teenage girl, much to his disgust. However he sought to use this to his advantage as to show that now that no one else seems to recognize him, he would use it to destroy Ragna, and his family which he soon learned about.

His first target was Rachel Alucard.

After observing her for few years, (around the same time that Serena was about 15 years old), he learned of how Rachel hated her daughter, and how she was jealous of Celica. Kiruu confronts Rachel alone, forcing her into a fight with her, revealing herself to be Terumi. Rachel wanted to immediately tell this to Ragna, until he present her the opportunity to get rid of Celica, to stop her jealously for good. He twisted Rachel's mind to turn her thoughts of jealously into something worse; He made Rachel believe Ragna loved Celica more than her, that he believed their marriage was a mistake. Unfortunately, Rachel believed her. Kiruu twisted her mind, in which led to Rachel keeping Terumi's existence a secret, and then threatened Celica into murdering Ragna, leading to the events that led to the others deaths. 

After Serena took her revenge and killed Rachel, Kiruu however, managed to save the vampire's life, and healed her, leaving her for a plan in the future. However, Rachel managed to regain her senses, and instantly escaped from her. Kiruu just rolled her eyes and let her go, watching the carnage that Serena left everywhere she go. 

However, while her goal was to destroy everyone, Serena's main focus was on Yuno and Liana. Kiruu kept an eye on all of them. On occasion, she'll give Serena advice on where they are, which is what kept Serena from kill her.
For some reason the other PLZ Account Journal glitches up whenever I edit and some of the animated icons seem to disappear. So I'm moving any new ones here. 
Remember, all requests are still to be sent to here ->  Request a PLZ Account (Closed)I seem to get this question more than once, so I will address it here. 
A PLZ Account are separate accounts created to use in mainly RPs. Examples would be :iconcrownplz:, :iconbatmanplz:, :iconsonic--plz: (These are just examples. I take no credit for the creation of those three. A full list of my created PLZ Accounts can be found here:
  PLZ Accounts are easily recognizable, as the word "plz" is most commonly added to them.
If you have a PLZ Account you want me to make, I can make them, but with a few requirements:
A Base Picture: You'll have to send a link with the specific picture you want me to use to make the PLZ Account
No Mature Content: The image cannot be an 18+ or nude image
 Request Maximum: You can request a maximum of 3 PLZ Accounts at a time, and must wait 24 hours before

PLZ Accounts:  PLZ AccountsPlease direct all request to here >>>
PLZ Accounts made by yours truly: :iconautobothoneflash:
Total PLZ Accounts: 233

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Amy Rose
Ana (Overwatch)
Ana - HeroicAna - GuardianAna - Locked OnAna - Shh 
Animated Monkey

Bastion (Overwatch) 

PLZ Accounts in this journal: 166
Total PLZ Accounts overall: 400



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Blake Belladonna




Carmine Prime

Chie Satonaka

Cinder Fall


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Hibiki Kohaku

Highschool DxD Icons

Hope Stelar (Megaman)


Iron Tager


Jin Kisaragi




Kanji Tastumi






Lelouch Vi Britannia
Lelouch - Intimidate Me If You Can...:iconlelouch-plz::iconlelouch2-plz:


Litchi Faye Ling



Makoto Nanaya



Molly (Pokèmon) 


Naoto Shirogane


Noel Vermillion
Noel Vermillion - Offended:iconcf-noelplz::icontag-noelplz::iconbb-noelplz::iconbb-noel2plz::icondw-noelplz:




Original Characters

Orie Ballardiae



Platinum The Trinity

Protagonist (Persona 5)



Rachel Alucard
Rachel Alucard - Random Icon 2:icontag-rachelplz::iconbb-rachelplz::iconcf-rachelplz::iconbb-rachel2plz::iconbb-rachel3plz:

Rage of Bahamut Icons

Ragna The Bloodedge


Roronoa Zoro

Ruby Rose


Sakura (Pokemon)

Sakuya izayoi



Sonia Strumm

Soul Evans








Tsubaki Yayoi










Weiss Schnee




Yang Xiao Long


Yosuke Hanamura

Yu Narukami

Yukiko Amagi

Yuuki Terumi


Well, isnce I didn’t one in October, I thought I might as well make these “Where’s Nicholas” Update things monthly. 




OC - Serena The Bloodedge by AutobotHoneflash

As I’m sure you’ve all noticed I finally finished one OC. And am still working on her character bio  Serena The Bloodedge - Character Page
Name: Serena Alucard
Also Known As: 
• Serena The Bloodedge
• The Grim Reaper
• The Nightwalker 
• Lady Death

Age: 19
Status: Active

• Ragna The Bloodedge (Father) 
• Rachel Alucard (Mother) 
• Celica Ayatsuki Mercury (Stepmother) 
• Jin Kisaragi (Uncle) 
• Noel Vermillion (Aunt) 
• Tsubaki Yayoi (Aunt) 
• Yuno Kisaragi (Cousin) 
• Liana Kisaragi Yayoi (Cousin)

Serena has had many tragic experiences, and thus develops a sadistic, unloving personality. She believes that there is no longer any good left in the world and that only evil exists. This is all because of the ploy set by Rachel Alucard that let to the assassination of Ragna The Bloodedge, and Celica Ayatsuki Mercury. Her hatred burns most for Rachel, as throughout her life, even as

That’s gonna take time to finish before I start the second OC. 



As always. 



Rage Of Bahamut OCs

This has been something I worked on for a long while and is still being continued now, just slowly. 


Well that’s all for now. Cya! 

OC - Serena The Bloodedge by AutobotHoneflash
Name: Serena Alucard
Also Known As: 
• Serena The Bloodedge
• The Grim Reaper
• The Nightwalker 
• Lady Death

Age: 19
Status: Active

• Ragna The Bloodedge (Father) 
• Rachel Alucard (Mother) 
• Celica Ayatsuki Mercury (Stepmother) 
• Jin Kisaragi (Uncle) 
• Noel Vermillion (Aunt) 
• Tsubaki Yayoi (Aunt) 
• Yuno Kisaragi (Cousin) 
• Liana Kisaragi Yayoi (Cousin)

Serena has had many tragic experiences, and thus develops a sadistic, unloving personality. She believes that there is no longer any good left in the world and that only evil exists. This is all because of the ploy set by Rachel Alucard that let to the assassination of Ragna The Bloodedge, and Celica Ayatsuki Mercury. Her hatred burns most for Rachel, as throughout her life, even as a child, she was never shown any love from her mother, and followed by learning she was the one behind Ragna and Celica being murdered. 

While she usually shows no emotions except for hatred, other emotions still remain inside her mind. This is shown as during her battle against Noel Vermillion, the Murakumo Unit mentions Ragna during their fight. Serena instantly paused, and a single tear could be seen in her eye. This shows that she still holds her emotions of love for her father. 

She has a very tight bond with Celica, and even thinks if her as her true mother. Celica was always there for her where Rachel wasn’t. When being forced to watch her cousins execute Celica, Serena begged that she would do anything if the promised to spare her life. When fighting against Liana again, Liana taunts Serena by stating to her to “Say hi to Aunt Celica for me when you die”. Serena responded by shouting “Don’t you dare talk about my mother”, showing how much she cherishes Celica.

Before Ragna’s murder, Serena wasn’t too bothered by the way Rachel treated her, as she was also close to her uncle Jin, her aunts Noel and Tsubaki, and her cousins Yuno and Liana. After Ragna’s murder, things in their relationship took a turn for the worse.

Serena Alucard was born as any other child. She of course, inherited her mother’s vampiric traits. Howevr, during her birth, Rachel seemed to be the least happist of everyone there, even though it was her daughter. 

Most of her childhood was spent doing eiher two things; Hearing from her mother about how disappoint she was in her and basically hated her, or spending time with the rest of her family especially Celica, her stepmother. Serena grew very attached to Celica as a child and this continued as she grew up. She even thought of her as her true mother. 

At 15 years old was when Serena heard the news that her father was killed. Serena quickly investigated the murder herself and found Yukianesa in the room, covered in blood. This lead her to believe that it was Jin who killed Ragna. However, Jin was proven innocent, as when she presented his sword as her evidence, Jin presents to everyone that he still had Yukianesa with him, meaning that it could not be him. Liana and Yuno had asked Serena to give up her search for her father’s killer for her own sake. Serena agreed to this, but was lying. In response, she sets out and kills Jin herself, as she still believed him to be the killer. 

However as a response to this, Yuno and Liana kidnap Celica to lure out Serena, where then the two ruthlessly beat her down. Instead of killing her right then, they revealed they kidnapped Celica so they could lure her out, where she would be forced to watch the, execute her right in front of her eyes. Serena begged continously for any possible solution other than killing Celica, however this was in vain. As Liana forced her to keep her eyes open and Yuno pointed one of his gunblades at Celica’s head, the last thing Serena heard was Celica whispering “Never change” to her, and in an instant, Celica’s head was blown to pieces, executing the innocent woman. This experience broke Serena forever.

2 years had past as Serenawas forced to spend this time to mentally recover herself, of her own request. However, even with 2 years to herself, Serena couldn’t return to normal. She sought vengeance for Celica’s death. She set out on her own to kill her two cousins, but was met by Rachel, who stopped her. Serena then finally confessed her hatred to Rachel on how she was treated her whole life. However, in response, Rachel reveals the truth to Serena; 

Every event that happened so far was all part of her plan. Rachel blackmailed Celica by threatening that she’d kill Serena herself, and to save the little girl’s life, Celica was forced to use a fake Yukianesa and assassinate Ragna. 

Serena tried to deny this, but she knew it was the truth. She then proceeds to change her target and moved to kill her mother, however, she was badly outmatched by Rachel, and nearly killed. But, awakened from her anger, Serena learned something new that she possesses; darkness. She channeled all her hate into a power of Darkness, in which she uses to kill Rachel. 

After this incident, and what came to pass 2 years ago, Serena lost faith in every living thing, believing that good no longer existed. She swore to herself that she would wipeout every living thing in existence, and then commit suicide, and rid the entire world of life, which would create the peace she imagined.

I got bored trying to sleep.

American English language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy  Japanese language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy  Mexican Spanish language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy  French language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
I’m just making this journal as a quick reference for me and fellow RPers, mainly so I, and they, can know my knowledge in the several series that I know. 
So let’s get started. 


Well, Autobot is in my name. Of course I have much knowledge. I’ve seen G1, Cybertron, Animated, Energon, Armada, and the Bayformer movies (except The Last Knight). For the games in the series, the only ones not based off any of the shows applies to Cybertronian series (War of Cybertron/Fall of Cybertron). So safe to say, I know enough on Transformers that I have many OCs of Transformers. 

Dragon Ball 
This applies to my knowledge from the original Dragon Ball, to Dragon Ball Super. 
:icongangsterpiccoloplz: : Nobody watched Dragon Ball. 
I have seen quite a bit of Dragon Ball, but my knowledge in that, isn’t so much, since it’s been a long, long, LONG, while. Dragon Ball Z however, is a different story. Frim watching the original series, Z Kai, and the parts of Xenoverse that pretain to that series, I’ve gotten quite a lot of knowledge on Z. Super..... I only really have knowledge up to the Battle of Gods movie, and it’s been years since I’ve seen it. So my knowledge for Dragon Ball is mainly on Z, but I tend to look up things on the wiki. 

This is gonna be difficult to talk about. My best knowledge for Sonic of any series, is on Sonic Colors, Sonic and the Black Knight, Sonic X, Sonic Underground, The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog (1st Season), Sonic Boom (TV series, 1st Season)(Rise of Lyric, very little), Sonic The Hedgehog 1-3, but it’s been a while. Same for Sonic & Knuckles. I’ve started on Sonic Mania and am waiting for Sonic Forces. 

Dynasty Warriors
What’s this series? Look it up ya FPS Fans. The series is basically a game version of the Three Kingdoms Era in China. I’ve played games from DW3-DW8 series. S9 yeah, I’ve got knowledge on this. 

..............It’s the same story every game so...

Well, I'm completely caught up with every episode on YouTube of RWBY so now I have good knowledge of it.

Thank Chronophantasma Extend for it’s abridged verison of Calamity Trigger, and Continum Shift, and also me, for watching Alter Memory, and you hard working people on the Blazblue Wiki. Thank you especially! I’ve managed to learn much in Blazblue (Mainly I memorized the names of the character’s themes, and even memorized some of the vocal ones....) thanks to the things above. I gotta say, I’m glad that I did buy that fame for $20 when I saw it. 

Rage of Bahamut
When I first played card games online in mobile devices, this was my favorite one (No, not because of it’s collection of sexy women... er.... forget I said that...). I would recommend it, but the game’s servers shut down about 2015, I think. But, the Rage of Bahamut Wiki has a lot of the character cards. And heres the best part, it’sr an RPG Game. Most characters don’t have names, meaning I can do so much crossover stuff involving characters from RoB, and especially since I planned out some things that I can-NOPE NO SPOILERS! WAIT YOUR TURN PEOPLE TO SEE WHAT I HAVE PLANNED!! 

Rock Hard Gladiators
Yeah, if I bother to talk about this some of you are gonna have some questions so look it up yourself you dinguses. 

Mobile Suit Gundam 
Don’t even get me started. I have always loved this series. It’s like Megaman, but with bigger robots! Though the original Mobile Suit Gundam anime is hard to find, there’s still some out there, such as F91, Gundam Wing, Iron Blooded Orphans, ZZ, etc. But thanks to Dynasty Warriors, I found a game series of Dynasty Warriors: Gundam (specifically 2 & 3). This series was great and with these games I learned a lot. Would recommend. 

Star Wars
Yes, I have knowledge. Specifically I’ve seen all the movies. I’ve seen Star Wars: The Clone Wars series. Ive seen at least half of Star Wars Rebels. And that’s all the knowledge. Yeah, that’s about right.

......I’ve pretty much abandoned my love for this series. 

Fire Emblem
Well if I have to say, my only main knowledge applies to Fire Emblem Fates. I’ve seen things from Awakening, and Path of Radiance, but I wouldn’t say I know much about them.

If any other series comes to my mind, I will add it here. But for the people I usually RP with, I do hope you read these.


[Restarting... Restarting...]

Hello there everyone! Nicholas (AutobotHoneflash) here, actually using the website for once instead of the app. Sorry about that previous intro, won't happen again. Anyways, let's get back down to business. Now, I'm sure some of you have been wondering "Where the hell is Nicholas, that son of a b*tch?!" Well, wonder no longer! I've come back online just to tell everyone a quick update of what's keeping me busy and off of the DeviantArt Website. And before you ask, NO, it is not Overwatch, Blazblue, or any other video game that has been taking my time. That's right I'm talking to you. 
Well with that out of the way, let's hop straight into this journal, shall we?


What has taken up my time by AutobotHoneflash

....Okay so maybe the statement above was a half lie, but it's not the usual types of video games I play during the summer!
Recently I've found a new online game through a YouTube video advertisement. called Astro Conquest. In my personal opinion (and my genre of video games that I like) the game is very fun, and I very much enjoy it. For anyone that wants to play the game, you can find it by typing "Astro Conquest" into the search bar, and it'll usually be the first link.

Why am I telling you people how to search things up? You're not idiots! (Well some of you are idiots...)
...Next topic!


RWBY Poster by AutobotHoneflash

Following Astro Conquest, another thing that's been taking up my time is anime. I've recently (yesterday) started watching RWBY, and I would have to say, I recommend it. It's pretty good so far into Season 1. Anyways, I continue to plan on watching it, hopefully to get through the 4 seasons currently available, and then find another anime. 

Speaking of other animes...


Hagani Next Wallpaper by AutobotHoneflash

You guessed it. The anime, infamously known for the line "Big brother I want you to give me your big, juicy, thick c*ck and drench me in your sticky c*m until I'm gasping for air! There I f*cking said it!", has also gotten my attention. Just so you know, if you ignore that one line, the anime is actually good. It's pretty funny too. 
Onto the next thing.



For that one person out there who probably doesn't know, OC stands for Original Character

My sister (Twin-Yin-Yang) can be pretty.... okay, when it comes to an anime drawing style (except with faces), and great considering all the work it takes drawing by hand with pencils, pens, and paper. So after a lot of begging asking and convincing, she agreed to help me with a Blazblue related OC I came up with awhile back. I'm not gonna reveal any information about the OC in the journal, but if you're interested, send me a note, and I'll tell you a few things about the OC (Ex: Gender, Family, etc.).

And I save the worst for last.....



[Profanity Filter: OFF]
Its offical. I. Hate. School. 
Specifically all the shit tons of homework I'm given almost everyday! I mean really?! It's like I do the same goddamn thing everyday for my fucking homework! I would rant on a little longer, but I feel to lazy-ass to try!

[Profanity Filter: ON]


Alright, that's it for now. That's basically everything that's been taking up my time so far. And with that I say:
Nicholas, out!

:icondrx-raven: : *laughing evily*

:iconautobothoneflash: : *pissed* GO TO HELL YOU LITTLE-*CENSORED RANT*

Tagged AGAIN by :icondrx-raven:

1. Ten different favorite characters from 10 different fandoms.
2. Tag 10 different people.

Note: It’s not need but I’m using the following format:
• Character Icon 
• Character Name
• Character Series
Yes I have to be extra. 

Zakuro Mitsukai
(Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan)

Cloud Strife
(Final Fantasy VII)

Prince Vegeta
(Dragon Ball Z)

Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker
(Star Wars)

Shadow The Hedgehog
(Sonic The Hedgehog)

Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya
(Sword Art Online)

(Mario Bros.)


Yugi Mutou

Wade “Deadpool” Wilson

:iconblackace70: - Blackace70
:iconepiclinksam: - EpicLinkSam
:icondrx-raven: - DrX-Raven SUCK IT R-MOD!!!
:iconautobothoneflash: : *muttering* I swear, if this wasn’t so easy I wouldn’t be doing this right now...

Tagged by :iconepiclinksam: & :iconblackace70:

1. Ten different favorite characters from 10 different fandoms.
2. Tag 10 different people.

Note: It’s not need but I’m using the following format:
• Character Icon 
• Character Name
• Character Series
Yes I have to be extra. 

Dokuro Mistukai
(Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan)

Sonic The Hedgehog 
(Sonic The Hedgehog)


Son Goku
(Dragon Ball)

Gabriel “Reaper” Reyes


(Fire Emblem Fates)

Hyperdimension Neptunia

(One-Punch Man)

Monkey D. Luffy
(One Piece) 


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Let's be honest; That song needed to be extended anyway. And there's no live version of it. So here's a small extended version of it created by yours truly, me......... alongside the internet and friends

Freeza's Favorite Things
Written by: TeamFourStar (TFS) 
Extended Lyrics by:
:iconautobothoneflash: & :iconlssjorangelightning: & The Internet

Peaceful young races with fires on their houses
Millions of voices all silenced like mouses
Watching the cowards bow toward their new king
These are a few of my favorite things

Screams from the helpless and fires that take over
Blast after blast until it hurts my shoulder
Destroying the planets and the weak little fiends
These are a few of my favorite things

Blasting these insects and watching them dying
Laughing loud over their screaming and crying

They're nothing but puppets attached to my strings
These are a few of my favorite things

Conquering planets and gaining more power
Watching  these smug fools act bravely then cower
Like a king hornet they will feel my sting
These are a few of my favorite things

When I can't sleep
When there's no fun
When I am feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things and I don't feel
So bad!

Because I feel evil

Thanks for reading!

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1. Who shot first: Han Solo or Greedo?
Answer: Greedo. Greedo shot first right after Han said "Yeah, I bet you have". But, Han Solo shot twice.

2. What aspects of the
 Star Wars Universe really get your midi-chlorians flowing, whether passionately or angrily?
Answer: The greatest lightsaber duels! They only happen in great movies. Which is why I won't call Rouge One great, that and everyone died. And only once was a lightsaber seen being used. And it was by :icondarthvaderplz: only.

3. What
 Star Wars fan art goes above and beyond capturing a scene or character perfectly?
Star Wars: The Force Awakens by PatrickBrown Just look at it! Though Finn lost, he fought good. #Reyforthewin