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Walterrus: King of the Dragons by Autobot-Revimus Walterrus: King of the Dragons by Autobot-Revimus
Finally, I get it submitted. I would have done this last Wednesday, but my dad was a bit too busy with things to get it scanned in to his computer, and burned to a CD so it could be put on my laptop for submission. Anyways, I had an interesting time thinking of colors for him, especially with the scales. Green really wouldn't have worked for him here, so I chose red instead. Low and behold, I had forgotten that was a color on the red scale-like plates of King Ceazar. Oh well, twas too late to change it when I realized this, but then, there aren't many Kaiju with red scales anyways. Not that I know of anyways, so who really cares? XD Anyways, I have a bio all written up for him, so I'll stop yaking, and let it speak the rest about this monster for me.

Name: Walterruscurus Garricarterus
Nick Name: Walterrus
Age: Since the Chinese Nuclear Test that mutated him into a Kaiju: 20-30 years old.
Before then: About 1000 years as dragons go.

Species: Irradiated Fur Dragon
Height: 100 meters
Length: 170 meters
Weight: 70,000 Tons
Top Speed: 30 Knots in the water, 70 MPH on land.
Personality: Normally laid back, and mostly disinterested with goings on of the puny humans, as well as most other Kaiju. Can get extremely aggressive when angered. Is also quite vengeful when a wrong has been committed against him or another creature. Is very loyal to those he considers friends, and often fights for the benefit of those unable to defend themselves. Is not above destroying a city when a corrupt Government does something harmful to the planet, or it’s people. Usually he attacks the cities that the Government officials are from.
Powers and Abilities:
-Violet Atomic Beam fired from his mouth.
-Able to lift much bigger Kaiju and objects. Up to 70 meters taller, and 100,000 Tons heavier than he is, and hurl them a good distance of four miles.
-His scales scatter all manner of beam weaponry, while his fur is fire retardant.
-His skin is impenetrable to almost all kinds of conventional military weapons and ordinance.
-His Organizer G1 is indeed active, but is not nearly as speedy as Godzilla’s. Still, within a half hour, all wounds are completely healed.
-Horns on his head and spikes on his back flash and then glow anytime he uses his Thermonuclear Fire Breath.
-Fur on the end of his tail has condensed into extremely hard spikes that he can use to either impale or bludgeon an enemy with.
-Spikes on his back are extremely sharp, and can easily pierce another Kaiju’s flesh, or even slice up another if utilized effectively.
-Can generate Thermonuclear Lightning from his spikes that can attack enemies foolhardy enough to attack from behind, and can even use them as a field of energy for a slightly expanding attack that can damage enemies that have disabled his Fire Beam.
-Being an Irradiated Fur Dragon, he has a deep connection with the spiritual realm, and thus, can find a place that has some sort of trouble going on, even if it’s too far for him to even hear what’s happening.
-Is highly intelligent for a Kaiju, and can even formulate effective combat strategies for any sort of fighting situation. Intelligence level is very much like that of a dragon.

Description: Let the picture speak for itself for now.

Background/Origin: Once a peaceful, quadruped fur dragon, Walterrus lived in a jungle of China peacefully and happily. That was, until China decided to test a Nuclear Bomb. The fall out of radiation turned the creature into a bipedal Monster of a hundred meters in height. Shortly after the mutation of his form, and the acquisition of his powers, Walterrus looked around, and saw the once peaceful jungle he had called home was a desolate wasteland of death. He knew something had caused this.. Something familiar.. He had avoided them, and avoided them for a long time because they had never bothered him or his home. And those that did, were often made to pay dearly for their insolence and disrespect of the Jungle’s creatures, plants, and terrain. Now, they had done something truly reprehensible. And it was time to pay.

A few days later, he found a bustling metropolis, Beijing. The Capital City of China, the place where the decision to unleash that monstrosity of a weapon was made. He knew, through his naturally deep connection to the spiritual realm, that this was where the creatures responsible lived. And it was here that they would be made to pay. With a terrible roar, he announced his presence to the world, and began a rampage through the city. Crushing buildings with his claws and tail, obliterating entire city blocks with his now irradiated fire breath, crushing the streets and landmarks beneath his feet, but through all of this, he did not enjoy causing such destruction. No, not one bit. But then, one never does enjoy exacting a terrible vengeance upon anyone who might be innocent. But a message had to be delivered. The Chinese Military acted, and sent their tanks and jets against the creature. They were of no use, as he rendered them all fireballs. After some time had passed, he left the city. Satisfied that he had done enough, and that the message had been clear enough, he disappeared in the horizon, and left through China’s Eastern shore. After some time, the Chinese Government decided to stop nuclear testing, since their investigations had uncovered that it was nuclear testing that had wrought the creature’s wrath. Unwilling to accept help from the outside world for their mistake, they hid the truth of it, and instead made a cover-up story. They dealt with the repercussions of their decision for years to come. Meanwhile, Walterrus headed to an offshore island, where he resided peacefully until a group of scientists came to the island…

Headed up by a scientist by the name of Dr. Walter Carter, they soon discovered the creature. Walterrus paid them no attention. They weren’t here to cause any trouble. Just visiting, that is what he sensed. So he let them be, and continued his routine. The head of the group, after studying him for a time, gave him a scientific name, by naming him after himself. As is the tradition of scientists who discover new species of animals. To give it a scientific name of their choice. Sometimes, as the case was with Dr. Walter, the new species is named after the scientist who discovered it. As the case was with Walterrus, and how he got his name, Walterruscurus Garricarterus.

Peace would not remain on the island for long though, as another, far more well known monster, was coming to the island to investigate what was in his territory, and what was competing for resources. The Monster’s name, Godzilla…

Pic took about 5 hours I'm estimating at least. And yes, I know the shading isn't the best. I got lazy and decided not to shade in each individual scale. XP And also, why is this being submitted in the Fan arts category rather than in the Sci/fi category? Well, let's just say the new changes to the copyright info have me a bit confused, so I'm playing it safe right now.

Comments and critiques welcome.

Walterrus, art, and image are copyright to :iconautobot-revimus:

Godzilla, and related monsters are copyright to Toho.

Do not steal, edit, copy, or redistribute.

Edit: Forgot to add in that comments and critiques are welcome.
SadnessMemory Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2007
he is a mix between a tiger and dragon right <.<?
Autobot-Revimus Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2007
While I was going over an origin story for him, yes, he really was going to be a mix of a tiger and dragon brought on by a tiger and dragon being fused in the middle of a nuclear weapon test conducted by China. But I got to thinking, maybe he should be a full on irradiated dragon, who was once a quadrupedal dragon that was naturally covered in fur. In the case of this one, his fur has the stripes and colors of a tiger. Honestly, I don't know if there are any furred dragons in any sort of mythology or legend. Though I have seen Chinese pictures of dragons, and they sometimes tend to be covered (Albeit, not completely) in fur or hair. So yeah. You could basically say he's an irradiated Chinese Dragon. Except, he's not as serpentine as one of those creatures. But then, there are plenty of dragon descriptions that would probably fit the bill for where he came from, and don't involve any serpentine descriptions. Long winded explanation, but I just want to as clear as I can be. ^^;
SadnessMemory Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2007
yes you are right some chinese dragons have fur for some reason I thought the fur on him is more like an armor donno why this idea come to my mind but that me ^^; better long than short for me no prob xD
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