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This character belongs to Hoopy McGee, I just made a fanart about it, using as reference the pony creator version the author made of it to have a reference for his story.--->… There may be spoilers.

Ok, yes is a green and black alicorn with flowing and sparkling mane, maybe he looks a little gary stu, but his story is worth. If you want to know about this guy, he is the bad one from 'Project: Sunflower'---->…

...Yes, I know, too much pony in this gallery... but this guy was in my head... "Oh, I want nothing you wouldn't want to... voluntarily do... I need... well, a cool picture of me, and I will leave you alone." So, I did, and... added the whut and the... 'Inconvenient scrunchy face' as revenge.
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Reading Chapter 30, we find that Malachite never gave himself a cutie mark in his alicorn form.

 "As much as he wanted to be immortal, he may have preferred death over this," Celestia said as she reached out with a hoof, stroking his neck as the green alicorn stared blankly at her. "I've just noticed," she added with a brittle casualness that didn't fool Erin for a second. "He doesn't have a cutie mark. I wonder if that was a conscious choice on his part, or a simple oversight? I guess I'll never know, now."

I can't remember if Hoopy ever described what Malachite's cutie mark was in his previous life.