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Welcome fellow artists with Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, etc. Welcome to my group of "Autism and Art", where anybody with any type of Autism can submit their artworks here.

Remember, your works do not have to be perfect, just as long as you love art... "Do what you like to do" is what I say. ^_^

So anyway, welcome and enjoy your stay.
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A Hierarchy of Genres Ch. 1: Ozymandias pg 24 by ChartreuseNoir
Moc: Midona by Reptilitron
A Xmas Gift to Hillygon by Chuggachooga
Dragon Ball Super: Gine in a Little Red Dress by CrawfordJenny
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Marina and Power Star online Splatfest drawing by dragontamer272
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Splatoon Redraw - Diver Surfing by dragontamer272
Goggles Splatoon 2 Splatfest 2020 Online Drawing by dragontamer272
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How Biden will help MediaSince Biden won the election. The healing can be done. It also mean that the entertainment industry will slowly move away from propaganda things that pretend to please people. The fact that since Trump was in office hate crime was increasing. How does this relate to the entertainment industry is complicated but this video here might explain it more , I think when we look back at the films we love or hated in about 20 years or so we may see how wrong we've have been. The internet didn't help either as it defends people who support racism and hate crime because they're brainwashed by show they think was good. You know this reminds of an episode of the Orville and how it didn't age well. Basically in that episode there a planet where if you do something that they think is offensive then you put on trial to be voted if it is offensive or not. However given the situation we're living the most realistic scenario is that if you defend someone of color or race. Then you get to be put in a kangaroo court and be put on the electric chair. Yea the episode didn't age well. In fact Orslan wells 1984 is more relevant today than that episode of the Orville. I hope Biden will restore of what made America great. Because at the beginning of Trump election people were actually crictal about racism and such. But if you look at the end. They now support racism. It may take years but I hope by the end of Biden term we may see how wrong we were and see maybe we're wrong and care for one another rather than making excuse that people were insulting us while you were being a racist troll.
REQUEST: Reina and Jovan by JayZeeTee16
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Carnivore X - My Sona by thadesoben
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Guerilla Bobert 6B by JayZeeTee16
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Facial Shape Practice by TyrannoNinja


Kevin Greene memoriam by lukio5000 Kevin Greene memoriam :iconlukio5000:lukio5000 1 0 Clancy and Assassatron by lukio5000 Clancy and Assassatron :iconlukio5000:lukio5000 0 0 Glass Shard by lukio5000 Glass Shard :iconlukio5000:lukio5000 1 0 Caroline and Jorell by lukio5000 Caroline and Jorell :iconlukio5000:lukio5000 0 0 Sam, Jorell and Hudson by lukio5000 Sam, Jorell and Hudson :iconlukio5000:lukio5000 0 0 Mayor Bergstrom and Sec. Huang by lukio5000 Mayor Bergstrom and Sec. Huang :iconlukio5000:lukio5000 0 0 Det. Baker, Ian, Ashley, Oscar, Jack and Tony by lukio5000 Det. Baker, Ian, Ashley, Oscar, Jack and Tony :iconlukio5000:lukio5000 3 0 Chapman and Jack by lukio5000 Chapman and Jack :iconlukio5000:lukio5000 3 0 River Thames splash by lukio5000 River Thames splash :iconlukio5000:lukio5000 2 0 Ashley and two attendents by lukio5000 Ashley and two attendents :iconlukio5000:lukio5000 2 1 Tiguarfang, Rippersaur and Anubis by lukio5000 Tiguarfang, Rippersaur and Anubis :iconlukio5000:lukio5000 3 0 Tony, Det. Baker, Jack and Oscar by lukio5000 Tony, Det. Baker, Jack and Oscar :iconlukio5000:lukio5000 1 0 Tony, Jack and Oscar by lukio5000 Tony, Jack and Oscar :iconlukio5000:lukio5000 2 0 Ian, Jack, Det. Baker and Ashley by lukio5000 Ian, Jack, Det. Baker and Ashley :iconlukio5000:lukio5000 1 0 Big Ben by lukio5000 Big Ben :iconlukio5000:lukio5000 1 0 Sorcerer's Apprentice Video Game by Chuggachooga Sorcerer's Apprentice Video Game :iconchuggachooga:Chuggachooga 4 0






December 9, 2020, the end of the year, Christmas and New Year's around the corner, another beautiful holiday season : )
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To all of you looking, yes, indeed am aware of galleries getting full, but I need some more time to work on it, but I need a new operating system first, since the one I'm using is OUTDATED thus Not Compatible to be able to do that.

Stay tuned.
sirjosh9 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2020
Thank you for accepting me in your group, I appreciate it. Hug 
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So where do we see recently uploaded art at, because I can't see my photo
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Peregrine falcon should be symbol of autism.
2011-119 Peregrine Falcon by W0LLE  
P1XUS Featured By Owner May 27, 2020
Is there a reason you say that? I mean, I don't really see how they correlate to each other but that's just me.
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Because a Peregrine Falcon should be the mascot for everything .
PokemonFan1235 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2020
It’s nice to have a place where adults such as I on the autism spectrum can post art may I join?
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