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Valcia - Regional Fantasy Map

The Map of Valcia

This is a map I've created for a novel series currently being worked on. I am a graphic design hobbyist, but this is my first attempt at a fantasy map.

The map, and story attributed to it, started out as a custom D&D campaign years ago. I kept working on the story and map afterwards, and it eventually evolved into this current piece.

Map Details:

This map took me ~20 days to create in Illustrator and Photoshop, working everyday anywhere from 4-10 hours/day. The entire map was originally sketched out with pencil & paper and scanned onto my PC some time ago, but it wasn't until recently that I decided to go all out with it.

I started by tracing over the sketch in Illustrator and 'hand-drew' (pencil tool & brush effects) all the lines, outlines, and details - rivers, lakes coastlines, islands, forest, and yes - even the mountains (very tedious). Once I completed all the outlines in Illustrator, I ported the data over to Photoshop to fill in the color and visual effects, and added in all the labels.

Every detail in the map is unique - meaning that every river, forest, lake, mountain, etc was individually drawn in and detailed. Also, every element in the map is original content created specifically for the map (IE no generic elements were used, such as symbols, trees, towns, etc) except for the fonts, of course.

The black font labeling geographic features is called 'Alladin' and the lighter font labeling cities and kingdoms is called 'Aniron'.


- TheValcian
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This is amazing
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Beautiful map. I really enjoy chosen colors - nice flow. Nice work man.
I tried recently one on my own for my RPG sessions. Well, I really need to improve.
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I’m going to make a game can you remake the map everything the same except with no righting or symbols ps love the work
That's a incrible map! So beautiful! =)
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Hey! This image came up in a Google search for "Free fantasy map", may I use it for a Spotify album image?
TheEtarian's avatar
i really like this map :)
Kiltedfiend's avatar
Beautiful map. Love the textures and the names. Awesome. As an aspiring map maker, it inspires me.
Do you do commission work, for something simpler but for a book?
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Bloody fantastic map you've made here! Really well detailed and well planned out. Quite inspiring for novelist-to-be's and other creative story writer's out here :'D I'm trying to create my own maps but at the moment... can only sketch it out in simple formats before I can figure out how to evolve it further to concepts like this and several other's on dA lol

Though... I don't get why people would be asking you (or other artists/creator of original maps for their own stories) to be asking you to "be able to use your map for my own stories" and whatnot... like, isn't it already obvious that these wonderful maps created are for the artists OWN stories (or for their clients)? Something I will never understand... :iconmingplz: Just bloody enjoy other people's creations and be inspired to make your own map or get someone to help you create maps for your stories/novels/etc :iconpapmingplz:

Anywho, keep up the awesome work! :) 
Sevenserpents's avatar
What's th is great map for?
can i have a copy of these map without signature?
Unseeming's avatar
This is fantastic! As someone who is into map-making myself, this is great for inspiration.
RenWex's avatar
Its an interesting mapstyle! :)
Styxonian's avatar
Really like the detail and contouring. Stunning map. 
Anyarah's avatar
Hey Valcian,

your map is very, very well done! I like the division of forests, mountains, prairies and islands very much. Especially the forests and mountains are designed very detailed and complex. I just love it! <3

My question would be, whether I would get your permission to use this map for my own story book I just want to write. Of course I would erase the names out of your map and I would add new, own names.
You have to know that I love writing own stories.

Another question would be, whether you would be willing to create one other world map for me, if I would ask you. And what would you charge for it?

Otherwise I wish you a relaxing sunday.

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This is so awesome! Thank you for sharing!
Kyle-J-Durrant's avatar
This is pretty damn impressive. Hand drawing maps can be difficult in itself, but going further and scanning a map onto a computer, then going through all that work using Illustrator and Photoshop...just wow. One of the finest maps I've seen.
I used the program "Campaign Cartographer 3" for my maps (it was gifted to me), and they still don't look this good. Nice work.
mokonapawa's avatar
it's really beautiful! One thing though : most of the little islands are at the same distance from the continent, it makes it a little unnatural (for example, west side of the Eleryn Sea). 
I know what you mean about mountains, I hand draw maps and can fully appreciate the work involved. what I like about this one is the clarity and also the colours you have used. the detail is sublime .
RebekahKroeplin's avatar
This is INCREDIBLE!  I don't even know what this is referencing to, but it's so incredible!
Lovely, just a few minutes looking at you map and I'm seeing trade routes, cultures, bottlenecks in times of war. That it's a first attempt is really impressive.
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Amazing map ! I wish I could make fantasy maps like that 
Dude this map is simple and yet elegant and beautiful, I'm learning about it, can you take a look at my page and give some advices?
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