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WAIT!: If this is your first time around here you should have a look at the first journal entry Thx! Hi there! You probably wondered why it was so quiet for the last two weeks but for different reasons I wanted to wait for some time. I did contact all former members of IllustratorsCompany which was the predecessor for the idea to this club and I hoped many of those people would like to join us. Some of them did (Welcome to you!! :excited:) most of them didn't answer the call to adventure yet. However, I think it's time to start some projects (because this is why we're here) and therefore
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We're open!!

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Hi! Welcome to Authors Guild, the club where writers and artists meet each other and work together. This club is meant to help this relationship in basically three ways: - writers find artists that are willing to create artwork based on stories, poems or any other written text - artists find writers who can make up stories based on given artwork - writers find writers and tools to cooperate on writing stories and performing "OpenSource Writing" or "WikiFiction". I choose the name because it implies both writers and artists in my understanding since they're both authors of their respective work. Note that it's not necessarily a one-way r
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Hmmm...who would have thought one would find such an interesting group here...I just joined deviant art upon finding this group. Had been told to join before but saw no reason to. Thanks for giving me a reason to join.
Like Loegaire said, what does it mean?
I replied to Loegaire with a hopefully understandable explanation. But apart from that you can use any name for your username as long as it doesn't have white spaces.
"User name must be WikiName formatted!"

What the heck does this mean?
Well, quite easy. Any word with more than one Upper-Case letter is considered a WikiWord (this is one). You cannot use white spaces in WikiWords but YouCanJoinWordsLikeThis to create a WikiName. It should be obvious if you have a look at the website for every word written LikeThis (it's called CamelCase because it goes up and down) automatically creates a link to that page.
Oh, yes, you can reach the club wiki-website by clicking on the website link of this account.