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So after almost a year I've finally uploaded something. There is a reason why I've been not uploading anything until now. Earlier this year I had been commissioned to do the drawings for a children's book and until now I've been planning on what to do to ensure everything fits with the story (I have total creative freedom on the designs for everything from the characters to the backgrounds). This is all the details I can say at this time, but once the book is ready to be released I will let you all know about it. Until then, please enjoy the newest drawing I have uploaded (which is completely unrelated to the book I'm working on) and hopefully I can get something for you at Halloween and Christmas.
I've been inactive here art wise for about a month now, mainly because my pc was being derp. Its fixed now so expect some new art within the next few days. Also, with the pc working now, I can finally start working with SFM and GMod! And setting up for Let's Play videos featuring Project Zombie as he plays games in the only way he can.

I'll be uploading any videos to my youtube channel found here:…

And if you missed it, here's the url for my ask tumblr:
The cast list includes myself, Mangetsu, Zombie, Alty, Jorrik, Mr. Tibbs, Boudicca, and Zuja.

Also, I'm gonna start taking commissions and selling prints of certain pics I've released. I'll post an entry with details when I'm ready.

Have fun!
I created a tumblr about a year ago with the intention of making an ask tumblr with myself and my characters answering questions.
Now a year later, I've finally been able to get it officially started (no thanks to work and stuff) with the fun starting here:

Go on. Click it. Or something. Your choice really.
This journal entry is the random.

Also: whitedove-creations.deviantart…

That is all.…

Seriously do it. Help fund this awesome game! I know I'm gonna be adding to it!
I've decided that I have put it off for too long and I've starting working on the 4 characters I've adopted. To those who that may matter to, I'll be working on one per week until they are all posted here. I have to say though, coming up with backstory seems to be the hardest part so far. But I'm set on it so ya.

If you are confused on the 4 or don't know what I'm talking about, just check this folder:… and you'll find what I'm talking about.

And I've finished all 4 in the span of one night. You can check them out for yourself below.

Dusk the Cat:…
Spook the Bat:…
Lightning Heart the Cat:…
Mint the Cat:…
Work and so many other things are keeping me busy. I finally got around to posting some new stuff (not much sadly) in the gallery if you wanna take a look. I plan on putting some more stuff up and I have a new printer/scanner my neighbor was kind enough to let me have! I'll be posting some non-Colors3D art thourhgt the year along with the digital pics.

Another note, any non-Colors3D pics I plan on making available as prints, but only if I own the characters on it.

And I'll see you all later!
Its a week from Christmas and I've got some nice art planned for it! I'll be posting it between now and then so keep an eye out! I'm also gonna submit several pics to make up for not doing anything for about a month (there's a good reason for it too)

Also, I'm going to continue posting my old webcomic so read that if you fancy yourself bored.
Like with the 500 views, I did something for 1000! Its not as grand, but I felt I had do to SOMETHING to thank everybody who's viewed and supported my page!

Here's the pic:…

Hope to see you again at the next milestone!
"Few people are man/woman enough to openly answer any and all questions thrown at them. Are you? Prove it. Copy/Paste this as a new journal entry and answer every question you get."
Some years ago I worked on a sprite-based webcomic for the most part, out of boredom. I've given thought to posting some the strips here on my deviantart since the old domain for it has ceased to be and after a pc problem earlier this year, some of the newer strips that weren't backed-up yet were lost along with the painfully customized sprites made for it. What I thought I'd do is maybe start posting (from the beginning of the series) and if there was enough demand, perhaps redo the lost strips and continue the series here instead of looking to host on some expensive domain and such. I'll put the first one up as a "pilot" of sorts so that any who read it can get a good idea of what goes on it, though I'll say right now, it is random, often violent for no reason other than for the sake of mindless violence, foul language, and jokes that depending on the reader will be either hilarious or not funny at all.

Here's the first one that will serve as a "pilot" or sample for the series.

I will say that as it progresses, the sprites, jokes and just about everything does get better.
Really! I wouldn't think I'd see that number for another 3-4 years with how often I've been able to put new art on here. Anyways, I thought I would do a little something special for this so I did this:

Hope you all enjoy and stay for another 500 views!
Ya, I mentioned this in one of my picture comments a few years ago, but completely forgot about about, so here it is. Finally.

Angel Probation is a story that takes place in Japan. A young high school student named Kenson Yoru lives by himself and one day meets a girl named Kinoko who claims she is an angel sent by God to spend time on Earth to atone for historical mishaps she has caused. She is joined by a black cat with bat-like wings named Mr. Tibbs and is a demon. After thinking that she is crazy, Kenson is about to leave when God ignites a bush and convinces him its all true. Now Kinoko and Mr. Tibbs are living with Kenson and crazy hijinks ensue whilst Kenson and Kinoko develope feelings for each other.