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Goodness I can not really be bothered with a full blown journal post about last year or this one coming, so I'll be brief.  I'm also not checking for spelling or grammar so... here goes nothing.

Last year was a pretty good year cosplay wise - not much going on, but all very fun.  I've already spoken about the first half of the year in my previous post so I'll just talk about July onwards.  

First up was the Christchurch Armageddon event, which was very small scale due to the earthquake but great fun to meet up with friends from the South Island.  Unfortunately there was not a lot of time for that as this was the most stressful con for my sister and I that year!  On the first day of the event, we were taking part in a katamari cousin group with my sister as Daisy and myself as Fujio.  God, these costumes we so fun!  Aside from impaired vision of course.  The only reason these costumes were stressful was that we had to fly bulky mascot costumes down to the opposite end of the country with only one checked bag each!  In the end we (well, Jess) plotted the ultimate Franken-box which housed her katamari head, inside of which was the cone of my head rolled up, both our smocks, leggings, etc.  Only the base of my cone went in my checked bag (which had our civvies and supplies).  On the Sunday we were to be entering our Theodore and Elizabeth (Persona 3) costumes into the costume contest after failing to finish them on time for the Auckland Armageddon event the previous year.  So naturally we HAD to have them finished and to the highest standard possible.  We did manage to finish the costumes and enter them (but not without copious amounts of stress with a sprinkle of sleep deprivation).  I'm happy to say that we won Best in Show with these costumes! (A huge thanks to kitsubasa for letting us use her sewing machine down in Christchurch.  We'd have been hopeless without it.)

You can find photos of our winning costumes here:… (static-sidhe is pictured in that gallery too, but did not enter the contest with us.)

There's not much at all to talk about with the rest of the year.  To Overload I cosplayed Dave from Homestuck - a very impromptu costume which I am not going to upload any photos of (partly because I do not have any of good quality, partly because the costume is not very high quality itself) but I did manage to get into the newspaper with said costume.

Auckland Armageddon, which is usually the big one, was nothing special for me this year as my sister was reaching the most critical time at the end of her degree and was unable to enter the contest (and I did not want to enter without her).  It was also smaller this year for me as two of the four days were on working days, so I had to attend school on those days.  So, we wore our Persona 3 costumes on the competition day so that we could stand on stage for the Trans-Tasman cosplay cup finals wearing the costumes that got us there.  A huge congratulations to seraphik and static-sidhe who won the Trans-Tasman cosplay cup with their dynamic Granado Espada costumes!
On the previous day Jess and I cosplayed as Jake and Finn from Adventure Time for the Cosplay Games, run by Jess and our friend KeyshaKitty who was cosplaying Fionna (and our friend Val cosplayed Princess Bubblegum!).  The games were a total blast, and it was so much fun having Adventure Time related antics with my friends.

Phew, so that's it for the second half of 2011!

Now, onto 2012.

Again, not much to say about this, particularly as only half the year is planned.

I'll be attending the first Armageddon Event in Hamilton dressed as Link from the beginning of Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on both days.  My friend KeyshaKitty will be cosplaying Zelda, and my sister will be cosplaying Fi.  I'm really looking forward to these costumes, especially because Skyward Sword was such a good game.  I had originally planned to also cosplay Vincent from Catherine as Troy Baker was going to be attending as a special guest, but as he has had to withdraw, I have chosen to postpone that costume for stress's sake.

A week after that, I'll be off to Wellington Armageddon again.  On the Saturday I plan to cosplay Isamu from Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne (or Lucifer's Call depending on the version you have).  I had myself a whole group but I think I'm the only Nocturne cosplayer left for WellyGeddon, unfortunately.  
On the Sunday, the plan is to cosplay Clive from Professor Layton and The Unwound Future.  A group does exist for this one, and my friends Li-Bai, Safyra, and Mats will be entering the contest with me as Luke, Flora, and Hershel Layton respectively.  Hopefully I can find some fabric the right colour before it's too late! (Why is that so hard?)

So that's all that has any sort of concrete plan, even if some of the concrete might still be setting.  (Oh, metaphors, oooh.)
Possible other costumes for the year include Sherlock, from BBC's modern tv show, and a certain someone from Pixar's Toy Story.

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Hey guys! : D

Just a quick post to say that if you have a Twitter, you should totally follow the Persona 4 Twitter Roleplayers. (And if you don't have a Twitter go make one!)

This is a recently started twitter roleplay, that is always interested in recruiting new roleplayers, so if there's a character that hasn't been taken that you would like to roleplay, go ahead and ask if you could roleplay them.  (You can ask by dumping a question in the tumblr askbox, or @ messaging one of the roleplayers on twitter. : D)

Tumblr page
Twitter list (lacks Nanako)

investigation team:
souji seta @ silent_protag
yosuke hanamura @ ihavetopeesobad
chie satonaka @ banananatrix
yukiko amagi @ amagicalgirl
kanji tatsumi @ GETBENTGETBENT
rise kujikawa @ idol_rise
naoto shirogane @ Gentlemanthings
teddie @ imgoingbearzerk

friends and family:
ryotaro dojima @ rustysidearm
nanako dojima @ everydaysgreat

The best moment will be posted on the Tumblr page, and from time to time the roleplayers will hit tinychat for some funtimes.

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Gallery l Watch Me l Note Me l Tumblr


Okay.  Cosplay.  In my last journal post I outlined my cosplay plans for the rest of the year.  Well, things have happened and thing have changed so I guess I'll let you all know what I'm up to now.  
But first of all - WellyGeddon.

On the Friday before WellyGeddon weekend (so, the 8th of April), JVCA and I flew down to Wellington for the Wellington Edition of the Armageddon Pulp Expo.  We arrived at the airport to be greeted by seraphik, static-sidhe and jpwise who we would be staying with. 8D  From there we went straight to Strawberry Fare, which is a restaurant that specialises in the most AMAZING desserts.  I can't even being to describe just how delicious their menu is.  Check it out for yourself. We were soon joined by somehowiknow, LadyArbuthnott, Tamarah, ThisIsNotDuckeh, hinoame, KeyshaKitty, and others whose usernames I do no know. 8'D  We were really getting down on Friday.  A great start to the weekend.

As logic would suggest, tomorrow would be Saturday.  Saturday was the day of the Digimon group - MiyukiCookie as Tai, thornbacked as Sora, JVCA as Kari, purarokai as T.K., Syill as Mimi, :devazeriamad: as Patamon, Tracer as Wizardmon, valerious (that's her CNZ name, I didn't catch her real name or dA name :x) as Yolei,  Ricky as Izzy, Xig as Gomamon, Li-Bai as Gatomon...  ffff, there might have been more but frankly I'm tired of listing them. 8Db

This is most of us posing for the Cosplay Parade (Hall cosplay showcase event). 8'D  Mywigdidn'tsurvivetheflightdownterriblywell.

Near the end of the day was the Cosplay Parade, followed by the Cosplay Games.  The cosplay games are always something to look forward to.  Run by JVCA and seraphik, this edition of the cosplay games had the theme of Pokemon vs Digimon.  The show started with seraphik walking on stage in her Trainer White cosplay with the pokemon opening playing on the projector, only for the music to suddenly change to the digimon opening, and for MiyukiCookie and I to drag her offstage, allowing JVCA to take the stage in her Kari cosplay.  From there, the games continued as a battle between the two popular anime, including voice acting challenges, greatest warrior sketches, and the ever-amusing Extreme Cosplay Making Challenge.

After that, it started to get dark, with only an hour until the convention closed for the day.  The digimon group and a few others trekked over to the Frank Kitts playground and the waterfront for some photos and silly business.  Unfortunately a lot of the photos came out grainy due to how quickly it was getting dark.

Once we were done, we headed back to static-sidhe's place where we would eat pizza and do the last little bits on our costumes for the next day.  Whilst working on costumes, JVCA and I introduced seraphik to the marvelous splendors of Adventure Time. 8D  At the end of the second episode, seraphik was so amused she repeated the same few seconds over and over.  Those few seconds can be seen [here].

And Sunday comes afterwards.  On the Sunday we had our own mini 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors cosplay group, with myself as Santa, JVCA as June, and Fairie-Tails as Clover.  Hopefully we'll have all 9 main characters at Auckland Armageddon!  We didn't spend much time in the convention that day, we weren't entering the contest and there wasn't much to see after the first day until the contest main stage event.  So we went across the courtyard to the latitude 41 cafe, ate lunch, and then spend the rest of our time taking photos (some of which have been uploaded to my dA already)!

Shades of Grey by authenticsowilo

3, 4, 6 by authenticsowilo

The rest of the shoot can be viewed here:… Photos courtesy of seraphik.

When we were finally finished with photos, we headed in to watch the cosplay contest which was simply stunning.  Everyone put such great effort into their costumes.  Congratulations to all of those who won, particularly Tamarah, ThisIsNotDuckeh and LadyArbuthnott who won Best in Show as the Cross Edge Triplets, Vivi, Mimi and Cece.

And that concluded the con.  I bought almost nothing - only food and an FF Mini Trading Arts (I got Sephiroth, who I didn't have so yay!).  We headed to static-sidhe's place, packed and ate dinner as quickly as possible and rushed off to the airport.  JVCA and I were both happy and very pleased with the weekend, but disappointed that it was already over.  You could say we didn't want the weekend to end. |D

So that's WellyGeddon.  Now for the changes.  As most of your should have heard by now, in February, Christchurch was struck by a second large earthquake in the middle of the day, with a high death toll and massive destruction of buildings.  The convention centre and town hall, where Christchurch Armageddon would be held, were both badly struck and so the event had to be postponed, and may still be canceled entirely.  This of course affects cosplay plans because that's one less convention to wear costumes to, so Fujio and Theodore have yet to be worn.

The new plans are as such:

Doujin Overload: Shinichi Okazaki (NANA)
Auckland Cosplay Ball: Undecided, potentially Theodore (Persona 3 Portable)
Auckland Armageddon: Santa (999), Kid Flash (Young Justice), Theodore (Persona 3 Portable)

I've no clue when Fujio will be worn.  But oh well.  The excrement eventuates, the affects on cosplay plans is nothing compared to the affects the earthquake has had on peoples lives in Christchurch.  It's never too late to donate to the cause, whether it's for Christchurch or Japan, who has also suffered from earthquakes and accompanying tsunami.

As an aside, I've started thinking about next year (hurrdurr), and all I can say is that I have plans to cosplay Future Luke from Professor Layton, Isamu from Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, and Archangel from Baroque.

Blatant Self-Plug

So this is just me pointing out that I now have a Tumblr (actually I've had one since like, January, haha).  I go by luna-dimidiata (latin for half-moon), and I post all sorts of thing, mostly cosplay, quotes from lyrics, and my subpar singing.

Featuring: JVCA

I've never done a feature, nor do I really have any idea how it works, but here goes!

JVCA is my sister, best friend, and cosplay partner.  At 20, she is in her final year of university doing a Bachelor of Graphic Design at AUT.  She is also the artist/designer of our joint story Dominari Liber, about a girl who becomes involved in a plot involving 4 magical books, each with different capabilities.  Not only that, she is responsible for taking a lot of my more recent cosplay photos, particularly my Yosuke photoshoot.

Some of her work:
Eyebrow Raiser by JVCA Flowers in the shadows by JVCA The Littlest Duckling by JVCA

NCEA Design 3.3 Boards - E by JVCA Japan POP by JVCA THREE: Transparent Media by JVCA Convention Packing Lists by JVCA
Various design work, including a super handy packing list of convention goers.  (There's a list for female cosplayers, male cosplayers, female non-cosplayers, and male non-cosplayers; just download the .zip file!)

Lost in the Sylph Caves by JVCA Green Print Kimono by JVCA Cross Edge Flonne by JVCA Welcome to the Velvet Room by JVCA With Power Comes... by JVCA The Compendium: Persona by JVCA
And of course her cosplay work! You can see her Rosa (FFIV) cosplay, a simple green yukata she made, her Flonne cosplay made from an original design based on one of Etna's cross edge costumes, and finally her Elizabeth cosplay and Persona 3 Compendium.  (I am making Theodore to accompany her Elizabeth costume - she made me a compendium too!)

I think that's it for now. :P

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Which Yosuke costume should I do next? :D

16 votes
Winter Casual (fur-collared jacket, boots)
Summer Casual (White t-shirt with red birds on it)
Amagi Inn Yukata thingy
Winter Junes Uniform (Apron + long sleeved orange t-shirt)
Summer Junes Uniform (Apron + white t-shirt)
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Who is your favourite 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors character?

10 votes
9th Man
I have not played 999.
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