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Join me, as I look back on the past year of cosplay, and anticipate the future.  Accompanied with photos, thanks to my shiny new dA subscription!  (Thanks to MiyukiCookie for the one month sub, and to JVCA for going halves on the twelve month sub!)

Please note:  Some of this was written in 2010, so excuse me if I refer to 2010 as the current year. :P

Looking Back

2010 has been an interesting year, if I were to describe it in one word it would be "rollercoaster" (which is a noun, and technically supposed to be two words, but your face), but more than that it has been a year of lessons hard learned.

The year started marvelously with static-sidhe coming up to Auckland in January for photoshoots with JVCA, Aurellion, and myself.  The first photoshoot was of our Final Fantasy IV costumes, which we had made for Auckland Armageddon the previous year.  This shoot was in the evening, on a beach (Eastern Beach, I think?), and we got lots of cool sunset shots!

I can't for the life of me recall what static-sidhe had said to get us to laugh, but it surely worked! (authenticsowilo as Edge, JVCA as Rosa, Aurellion as Rydia, all from Final Fantasy IV)

The morning after, we marched off to the Winter Gardens near the Auckland Domain and got some beautiful shots amongst the foliage.  

I promise you I am nowhere to be found in this photo. (authenticsowilo as crystalised god of love, JVCA as Rosa, Aurellion as Rydia, all from Final Fantasy IV)

Later that day, after a spot of tea and lunch, we drove over to the ASB Showgrounds to catch a glimpse at the mafioso within JVCA and myself, with the costumes we commissioned from static-sidhe herself!

Cue uncharacteristic girly squeal! :P (JVCA as Bianchi, authenticsowilo as Gokudera, both from Reborn!)

January only got better, with the Auckland Cosplay Picnic later that month.  Many funtimes were had at this event with JVCA, Aurellion, vefalasiel and jettwolfgang!

I don't recall the theme for this photo, but it was taken for the photo scavenger hunt.  (vefalasiel and jettwolfgang as Clow Card Hunters, Aurellion as Halloween Town Kairi, authenticsowilo as Summer Gokudera:. JVCA is behind the camera, wearing her Summer Bianchi costume.

With the January events out of the way, we were left with a break until the March/April events swung around.  Unfortunately, I could not attend Christchurch Armageddon, but I was going to be attending Wellington Armageddon as Shinjiro Aragaki (Persona 3) on the Friday, Ben Tennyson (Ben 10: Alien Force) on the Saturday, and Juto (Magna Carta 2) on the Sunday.

Of course, with cosplay nothing ever comes easily.  As I mentioned earlier, this was a year of lessons hard learned.  WellyGeddon would be the first lesson in time management.  To cut the story short, JVCA and I flew down to Wellington on the Friday with a "frankenbox" full of cosplay supplies, so that we could work on our Sunday costumes, in an attempt to be finished in time.  And naturally, we didn't finish in time.  When I was awake at an obscene hour on the Sunday morning, hunched over a sewing machine, on the verge of tears due to frustration, exhaustion, and self-loathing, was when I finally gave up, and went to bed, withdrawing from the competition.

Wellington wasn't all bad though!  Sleep deprivation, though terrible for my condition, makes for hilarity all around!  Fond memories of Wellington include:

-In the middle of the trip back to static-sidhe's place, I, somewhat absent-mindedly, read a sign out loud, announcing "EROTICA" to my fellow cosplayers, and receiving a harmony of "WHAT?!"'s in turn.
-Spending the Friday of Wellington Armageddon with :devMidsummer-snow" was so much fun, including our ridiculous shoot with the Persona 3 group, and getting lost amongst the streets trying to find a convenience store that would be open on a public holiday (we needed our energy drinks!).
-The multitude of "giggity"'s and "that's what she said"'s coming from seraphik all throughout the weekend.  Such a marvelous, dirty mind she has!
-The dinner on the night of the Sunday, once we had all settled down and were just talking, and not worrying about costumes or anything of the like.  Of course, I can't forget asdfdasfkj's barbecue rice! :P

The weekend wouldn't be complete without photos, though:

Can YOU do the can-can?  (There are far too many people in this photo for me to be bothered crediting!)

BLUUUUUUH! (authenticsowilo as Ben Tennyson, Tamarah as Julie, both from Ben 10: Alien Force

The next event to look forward to was the New Zealand Anime Event, held in Dunedin in June!  Well, that is, I was looking forward to it until my parents changed their minds, and wouldn't allow me to go. :(  I was especially disappointed about this as my second favourite male voice actor, Johnny Yong Bosch, was attending, and I had plans to be Watanuki Kimihiro for a xxxHoLiC group I had started.  When I couldn't go, a replacement was found for me so that the group could still go ahead with their skit, and go on to win best in show!  Congrats, guys! :)

So later, a week after my birthday in July, was Doujin Overload.  I couldn't be Watanuki to NZAE, so I was definitely wearing Watanuki to Douji Overload.  Unfortunately, I don't have any more particularly interesting photos of the costume, other than the ones in my gallery (due to me being a cardboard model for that shoot, hurr).  I scored a bunch of awesome art, mostly from asdfdasfkj and seraphik!
As the night went on, Doujin Overload closed and the Auckland Cosplay Ball began in another room at the same venue.  I was on music for the night, wearing a quickly thrown together Yosuke Hanamura (Persona 4) closet cosplay.  I had planned to cosplay Yosuke properly, but ran out of time, another lesson in time management, though not as harsh as we didn't even bother to start on Yosuke.  The night went great, we fantastic performances from Tamarah, kitsubasa, MiyukiCookie with azeria-mad, and seraphik.  A short while before the end, we quieted down and danced to some beautiful ballroom music, kicked off by the King and Queen of the evening, MiyukiCookie and azeria-mad.

Cheese! (JVCA as ball Yukiko, asdfdasfkj as ball Naoto (in a dress!), and authenticsowilo as ball Yosuke.)

The following day... well, the following day I slept in!  What an exhausting night, though very fun.  But anyway, after my sleep in, I joined the others at the photography studio static-sidhe had hired for some photoshoots.  My first shoot was as Watanuki, and as mentioned before, I don't have any particularly exciting shots to share, so have two from the next shoot - another closet Persona 4 group!

hinoame seemed a little too keen on taking this photo. (hinoame as Chie, authenticsowilo as Yosuke, JVCA as Yukiko, asdfdasfkj as Naoto, seraphik as Rise, all closet costumes of characters from Persona 4)

BLAAAAARGH (authenticsowilo as Yosuke)

And then came the big gap in the year from the end of July, to the end of October, when the biggest event of the year would take place - Auckland Armageddon.  Despite the marvelous three months before Auckland Armageddon, I still ended up having to burn the candle at both ends to finish costumes.

On the Saturday, I attended as Ben Tennyson, as it is a nice easy costume that doesn't require a wig.  No particularly fantastic memories from this day, though I did run into some friends from school, which was well, rather awkward.  After the event that day, I headed home with JVCA and asdfdasfkj to relax... wait, did I say relax?  J-just kidding!  JVCA and I still had costumes to finish.  The night for me was mostly spent finishing my Yosuke costume, though the last few stitches were sewn by JVCA in the end, as I simply couldn't sew properly.
So of course, Sunday was a day full of Persona 4 goodness!  I even bought some cute little ice cream things for everyone, true to peachifruit's hilarious Persona 4 comic.  I also hung out with hyolee123 and XOrengenOX for a portion of the day, and I saw them all throughout the weekend as well!  The day pretty much ended with the cosplay games which were run by JVCA and seraphik with, you guessed it, a Persona 4 theme.  The event was rife with Persona 4 jokes.  It even opened with Pursuing My True Self!  What a blast!
Here's a nice photo of the P4 group, excluding Dojima:

At the food court in Junes! (seraphik as Rise, JVCA as Yukiko, Tamarah as Teddie, hinoame (TELL HER YOUR DA NAME) as Chie, authenticsowilo as Yosuke)

With Sunday out of the way their was just Monday left.  ...Oh, and Sunday NIGHT.  THE NIGHT FROM HELL.  Most went out to dinner or giapo.  We went home.  asdfdasfkj was feeling sick, and so she retired early, but JVCA and I wouldn't be staying up too much later than her - it got to only 11pm, before I broke down and gave up, with JVCA following suit.  My costume for the Monday would not be finished, and once more I would not be entering the contest.  In other words - I did not properly enter a single contest in 2010.  Fail. :(

So Monday came along and JVCA and I attended in our old CLAMP costumes - gijinka Kero from Card Captor Sakura (JVCA) and gijinka Ioryogi from Kobato (authenticsowilo).  Whilst we were both tired and disappointed, the day was still a lot of fun. :)
Here's the proof:

Om nom nom nom. (JVCA as Kero, authenticsowilo as Ioryogi, asdfdasfkj as Lightning)

Now, the most amazing thing about Monday was the cosplay contest!  There wasn't a single person who wasn't AMAZING!  Every costume was beautifully made, and stunning to look at.  The competition was taken by vefalasiel and jettwolfgang, but the Trans-Tasman Cosplay Cup would be won by Asham as Frederic Chopin from Eternal Sonata.

Well, that's all for 2010 cosplay.  A rollercoaster of ups and downs.  I'm disappointed about having not entered a single contest properly, and I hope to be finished for every contest I go for in 2011 (Only two - Christchurch and Auckland).  Shortly after Auckland Armageddon I had my Year 10 exams, which I passed with excellence, and then the year spiraled into little more than waiting for it to end.  (And of course, waiting for Santa. :P)

Happy New Year, everybody!  Even though I think NZ is first to get in on the New Year. :P  We're such a hipster country.

Looking Forward

And into the new year we go, swords and armour at the ready, prepared to face whatever it may throw at us.

I think about 2011, and I see challenges, mostly.  A year full of new experiences as I enter my first year of NCEA, and attend the Christchurch Armageddon Expo for the first time.

I will also be turning 16, which perhaps means a lot to others - though little to me.

I've already ordered my wigs for a large portion of my 2011 cosplays (I am not sure which of the cosplays I have planned will actually get done - almost definitely not all of them).  So as with 2010, I will go in chronological order.

The first big cosplay event of the year is the Auckland Cosplay Picnic.  My plans are not set in stone, however I do have plans to cosplay the summer uniform of Yosuke Hanamura from Persona 4 with Rikki-Leigh, who will be Souji.

Summer Yosuke - Persona 4 - Auckland Cosplay Picnic 2011

After that is the April events, which I already have flights to both of.  Christchurch comes first.  Christchurch Armageddon should be amazing!

Saturday's plans start with a "na" and then another "na" and then keep going to become something like "naaaaaaa na na na na na na katamari damacyyyyyyyy"!  That's right, the mega katamari group!  We currently have around 32 katamari cosplayers for our massive group.  Together we will roll Christchurch into one big katamari!

Fujio - Katamari - Christchurch Armageddon Saturday

Then comes the Sunday.  JVCA and I will be completing our costumes originally intended for the Auckland contest in 2010, and entering in the Christchurch contest.  We'll be cosplaying from Persona 3 Portable.  JVCA will be cosplaying Elizabeth and I will be cosplaying...

Theodore - Persona 3 Portable - Christchurch Armageddon Sunday Contest

The next event - only a week later - is Wellington Armageddon.  I will not be entering the costume at Wellington as I am going to dedicate the event to having FUN and not stressing!

On the Saturday I will be in another awesome group!  There is a Digimon group planned, which I will be taking part of as Matt (known as Yamato in Japanese) from Adventure 1.  I'm looking forward to it!  MiyukiCookie is going to be Tai (Taichi in Japanese), and already has made stunning progress. purarokai is going to be T.K. (Takeru in Japanese), which is awesome!  I'll have a little brother!  JVCA is going to be Kari (Hikari in Japanese) and also has progress to show. 8D  Li-Bai will be Gatomon! >w<

Matt - Digimon Adventure 1 - Wellington Armageddon Saturday

The day after, which would normally be the contest day for me, but as I said, I am not entering, I will be cosplaying a... puzzling character, one we will simply refer to as "Future Luke".

Future Luke - Professor Layton and the Unwound Future - Wellington Armageddon Sunday

Cue massive gap between April and July and then we come tooooo... Overload!  Previously known as Doujin Overload, this is the event I normally focus on buying art at.  I always redecorate my notice board each July, after this event.  I still cosplay to it though!  I'm not sure who I will cosplay to Overload, but at the moment it's looking likely that it will be...

Shinichi Okazaki - NANA - Overload

Also in the weekend of Overload, the Auckland Cosplay Ball will take place.  I'm not sure when - either the night of, the night after, or the night before.  I'm also not sure what I'll be cosplaying as to ACB.  I do know that I'll be helping out again - hopefully on music, and maybe a bit more if I'm lucky. <:  I'd like to cosplay from Apollo Justice, as there will be a circus theme, and a young Valant cosplay would be heaps of fun, but... I think I have enough on my plate already.  I'll rewear something - mostly likely either Theodore, or Shinichi again.

SO HEY, YEAH.  After Overload weekend there's nothing until Auckland Armageddon!  The big one!  I imagine I would also like to go to some other events in the year perhaps - some SPCC run ones or maybe Au Contraire, but given that it will be JVCA's last year in uni, that seems highly unlikely.

There are only two things set in stone for Auckland Armageddon (which is good, as due to the date changes, I may only be able to go to two days! D8).  I also have tentative plans for the other two days.  Let's start with the tentative ones!  (Note that the days I cosplay each character will be dependent on the events of the day).

So, the tentative ones are the ones that I won't be needing for a sub-event.  Let's start with the one that I've actually decided on a character for...

Zack - Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep - Auckland Armageddon

That's right, Zack!  I love his Birth By Sleep design, and I've been told I'll suit him, so I'm very keen.  I'll be part of a group if I go ahead with this.  kitsubasa will be Terra.  Fairie-Tails will be Aqua.  Jeneshisu will be Ventus, and XOrengenOX will be Vanitas!

The next tentative cosplay that I've not even decided on a character for, is a cosplay from an AMAZING visual novel adventure game on the DS called 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors.  The characters I am considering are...

Snake - 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors - Auckland Armageddon

Santa - 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors - Auckland Armageddon

Junpei - 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors - Auckland Armageddon

Yeeaaah... basically every male character that isn't a brute, or the ninth guy.  Haha.  Maybe I'll put up a poll with my ~*SHINY NEW DA SUBSCRIPTION*~.

Okay, moving on!  With any luck I'll be helping out JVCA with the cosplay games in 2011, as a super cool character.  I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say yet, so I won't share it until I know if I can. :P

And I'm sure I can tell you this - for the competition of Auckland Armageddon, whatever day it will be on, I'll be cosplaying with JVCA and :devMidusmmer-snow:, as characters we've wanted to do for a while, from the deadly CLAMP.  JVCA will be cosplaying as Kobato - she's already started to learn how to knit for the purposes of the costume.  asdfdasfkj will be Sakura, and I'll be Syaoran.  We'll be cosplaying the versions from the art page before they go to Infinity, as pictured below.

Syaoran - Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles - Auckland Armageddon Contest

So that's it!  Those are my current cosplay plans for 2011, laid out plain and simple.  Hopefully 2011 should be a year full of meeting deadlines and overcoming challenges.  I'm looking forward to a year of fun.  How about you?

PS:  Also, please forgive any horrendous typos or grammatical errors.  It is an obscene hour. XD I STAYED UP JUST TO POST THIS. <3

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xSeakittens's avatar
Santa <3

You should wear Shinichi to ACB. If it's over Doujin Weekend I'll we-wear Reira because Its all formal and it means one less costume to pack;;

Probably wear Fuuka the second day for P3 funtiems.
kitsubasa's avatar
Long journal was long. :X

I r excite for 2011 and I cannot wait to see how your plans turn out. Also, you had better be in the BBS group. :U Or... or something.
hyolee123's avatar
Long Journal is long. xD I think you'd suit Santa or Snake. But walking around a con all day with your eyes closed might be risky /shot


Happy New Years~
authenticsowilo's avatar
Obscenely long. xD
Walking around with my eyes closed would be fun. 8D I'd probably fall over and walk into walls countless times, but still - fun!
hyolee123's avatar
Then do it xD
or maybe you could just close your eyes for pictures 8D; That would work better.
MiyukiCookie's avatar
I'll be brofisting with you the entire day as Tai, cuz the bulky gloves will add awesomeness to every fist 8D

May you have an awesome year and finish every costume on your list!
authenticsowilo's avatar
I'll be stealing your girlfriend. 8D

Thanks, you too!
MiyukiCookie's avatar
I'll be stealing your sister. >D
authenticsowilo's avatar
Wait what. I think *purarokai would be?
MiyukiCookie's avatar
nah, I'm talking about your real sister hahaha
authenticsowilo's avatar
MiyukiCookie's avatar
Jess = Kari............ get it..?

ok I'm gonna stop now orz
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That's okay, I don't like her anyway.
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Yay I'm in there! When I'm Aqua, are you gonna ask me out on a date? Eh eh? :laughing: And don't worry about not entering any comps last year, I barely made it to one, and it was with the same cosplay! ^^; I can't think of any cosplayers really that haven't bailed on at least one comp a few hours prior. SO ALL GOOD. :D And your line up for next year looks awesome, good to see ya picking characters that'll suit you! (I wish more cosplayers did this) Opps is this comment too long? Ep! Happy new year! :aww:
authenticsowilo's avatar
<: Well that depends on the proximity of your boyfriend. /shot

xP It's good to know that others struggle with deadlines just as much.

And thanks! 8D (No such thing as too-long. Unless it's as long as this journal post!)
Fairie-Tails's avatar
Haha well I can imagine Zack asking that anyway even if Aqua had a bf and was standing right there. :giggle:
authenticsowilo's avatar
And then he would proceed to be beaten to a pulp. 8D
Fairie-Tails's avatar
Haha yeah! :laughing: I'm so glad you're doing Zack! Seeing good Zack cosplayers just makes my day~
Jeneshisu's avatar
Whoo! Awesome Cosplays! All the photo's look amazing. Can't wait to see the 2011 ones : D

Zack! I will love you forever if you do it.


- Gen
authenticsowilo's avatar
Ahuhu, thank you. <:

XOrengenOX's avatar
You are a brave soul, creating such a beast of a journal 8D
Woooh for awesome memories, and wooh for more to come!

<3 Also, YES ZACK. I really hope you do that one xD

Bring on 2011!
authenticsowilo's avatar
hinoame's avatar
my dA name <- click the link 8D
authenticsowilo's avatar
Oh, herpa derpa. xD I tried kagerouhi and katsurarei, but not hinoame. Which is silly of me 'cause hinoame is the first name I knew you by. xD
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