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Hey guys! : D

Just a quick post to say that if you have a Twitter, you should totally follow the Persona 4 Twitter Roleplayers. (And if you don't have a Twitter go make one!)

This is a recently started twitter roleplay, that is always interested in recruiting new roleplayers, so if there's a character that hasn't been taken that you would like to roleplay, go ahead and ask if you could roleplay them.  (You can ask by dumping a question in the tumblr askbox, or @ messaging one of the roleplayers on twitter. : D)

Tumblr page
Twitter list (lacks Nanako)

investigation team:
souji seta @ silent_protag
yosuke hanamura @ ihavetopeesobad
chie satonaka @ banananatrix
yukiko amagi @ amagicalgirl
kanji tatsumi @ GETBENTGETBENT
rise kujikawa @ idol_rise
naoto shirogane @ Gentlemanthings
teddie @ imgoingbearzerk

friends and family:
ryotaro dojima @ rustysidearm
nanako dojima @ everydaysgreat

The best moment will be posted on the Tumblr page, and from time to time the roleplayers will hit tinychat for some funtimes.

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Jeneshisu's avatar
You won't accept me as a follower on twitter D<
authenticsowilo's avatar
...who are you on twitter?
Jeneshisu's avatar
ambiguitystory D: i've requested twice
authenticsowilo's avatar
Oh. Lololol. I'll add you now then. xD
Jeneshisu's avatar
: D much better. <3