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Teenage Angst

Oh Matt, u so full of angst.

:bulletblue: Character: Matt, Digimon Adventure 01
:bulletblue: Costume, model: *authenticsowilo
:bulletblue: Photography: *seraphik
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Love it! hehe brings back memories from my childhood of matt! Still love him even with all his angst :p
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Hahaha, he was always my favourite. 8D
soulrepose's avatar
Nice shot o-o
Where exactly did you take this photo? :O
authenticsowilo's avatar
Thanks! It's on this sort of viewing platform thing off the Wellington Waterfront. I don't really know how to describe it. xD
soulrepose's avatar
Ohh... Hahaha, thanks XD
Will you ever cosplay him again? *u*
authenticsowilo's avatar
Hmm, I'm not sure. I suppose I might sometime, it would be a shame not to get more use out of it. P:
soulrepose's avatar
I'm looking forward to it *cough* xD
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Haha, that's fantastic. It scares me that your arms are actually the right shape for him. xD
authenticsowilo's avatar
xD Yeah, I was like "a cosplay that I'm actually meant to be scrawny for?!"
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O u r a tru modelz nao. Awesome location. I so jelli.
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Fo sho. I even get the limo out front.

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Oh Alex, You and your amazing cosplays.
Mister-Peaches's avatar
Dang, I thought it was a painting too! I love the lighting~
authenticsowilo's avatar
seraphik (the photographer) is awesome. 8D
XOrengenOX's avatar
8D When I saw this on my watchlist I thought it was a CGI'd thing. Then I saw it was you and was like WOAH.
Nice work :D Love that cosplay.
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Ohman. xD I'll have to tell seraphik. Thanks!
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