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Really I just wanted to show off my Isamu shoes because I'm so happy with them. :D

And this photo came out nicely, so why not!

Photo - caddyl, who I think deleted her account?
Cosplay and model - me
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What did you use to paint on the colour? Looks great!
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Thanks! :D It's acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium and then set with a hairdryer. You can get the fabric medium (it's like a white liquid that you mix into the paint) from Gordon Harris I think, and it basically makes the paint stick better to fabric, and gives it more flexibility. For these shoes I had to set it a LOT though, otherwise paint would chip off as I walked, as when I would knock my feet together, the tackiness of one shoe would pull paint off the other.
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Fabric medium sounds genius! theres so many handy things out there I've yet to have heard of.
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It's really good - and the bottles are quite big too so one bottle lasts forever. :D I also used it to paint the designs on my Watanuki costume. So useful!

And yeah, there's just so much out there!
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that sounds way more versatile than straight fabric paint!

Have you decided your cosplays for the rest of the year?