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Published: April 24, 2009
QUAKE Shambler. If you don't remember these guys you really missed out on one of the best first person shooters ever. Quake 1


Shambler copyright of id software.
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ArchyNo74Hobbyist Artist
These things are an absolute and utter nightmare to kill if you don't have strong enough weapons.

awesome pic btw! It's nice to know that there are others who appreciate the classics as well!
Megavenator's avatar
MegavenatorHobbyist Filmographer
I played Quake While i was a kid. 
Now, i am playing Quake again and downloaded darkplaces engine for better effects. 
Shamblers are strong guys, with that Bolt that they shoot with their hands. 
PyrotheFlamy's avatar
PyrotheFlamyHobbyist Traditional Artist
I HAVE to play that on Steam sometime.
VividSombre's avatar
VividSombreProfessional Digital Artist
I think that Shamblers aren't that hard, only if you fight them in distance. What I normally do is I get close to them and with their hit animations I have enough time to kill them. But these beast are indeed really cool in the game, and so as yours. :)
AgoodSteveMan's avatar
AgoodSteveManHobbyist Photographer
Shambler + Hellknight = invulnerability hunter. 
Autaux's avatar
AutauxProfessional Digital Artist
Not something you would want to bump into in a dark alley.
Melissia-Scorpio's avatar
I really hate this beast along with Shalrath 
korbenn's avatar
korbennHobbyist Traditional Artist
Sure do. Now to find my old Quake disc's
1DeViLiShDuDe's avatar
1DeViLiShDuDeHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome Concept! :D
gakusangi's avatar
Quake was never short of intimidating foes to shoot through. These guys were only tough, but they were strategic too.
Bardigon29-II's avatar
Bardigon29-IIStudent Digital Artist
kononenko11's avatar
After them nothing could scare me in any game!
Matttheimmortal's avatar
These things were terrifying as a kid! awesome art too.
GUASCOMANIACOSO1Hobbyist General Artist
My chilhood!!!
Mr-Taboo's avatar
These guys were the only things to make me jump in a video game. I forget the level but there was a door and when it opened the room was black I took a step in and the lights banged on there is a Shambler right in front of me letting out a huge roar. LOL literally jumped back in my chair.
Khaad's avatar
KhaadStudent General Artist
It was e1m6 "The Door to Chton"
It also had a nasty moment when you had to pick up the golden key in the room full of lava while standing on a narrow ledge.
When you grab the key, that son of a bitch spawned right behind you...
So it is 99% that you end up fallen in lava or zzaped to death if doing this moment for the 1st time
Ricochet64's avatar
Ricochet64Student Traditional Artist
This is great, but, I thought the Shambler was covered in hair?
VodkaEagle's avatar
Actually, the Shambler is not hairy at all. The hands are covered in both it's victims blood and it's own blood, as it bites into itself in the Quake lore for it's species mating rituals. Although when you arrive it simply wants you dead.
QUAKEGUY's avatar
Shamblers are just cute as ponies XD
Khaad's avatar
KhaadStudent General Artist
My little shambler - lightning is magic
ImaginaryNumb3r's avatar
Still playing the game and its mission packs nowadays.
Its simple, brutal, rough and satisfying, much like your drawing >:D
rimrunner15's avatar
Nothing more satisfying than grabbing a Quad Damage, a Rocket Launcher, and sending Shambler bits every which-way. :)
AnthroBrownWolf's avatar
AnthroBrownWolfHobbyist Digital Artist
My Dad loved the game Quake, it still gives me nightmares :fear:
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