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Octopus Jumping Show

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Show: ADLG's OG Training Show
Host: =PSNapier
Event: Show Jumping

Horse: Hazel's Underwater Mirage "Octopus"
Breed: Burik Pony
Gender: Stallion
Age: 5 Years

Rider: Chelsie
Gender: Female
Age: 20


Octopus's under saddle training had been going extremely well, and Chelsie got bold when she decided to try something new with the young Stallion. Of course, the Burik Breed weren't meant to be jumpers, but Chelsie wanted to test the Stallion's temperament when it came to being forced into new situations.

Taking the Stallion to the rail, she urged Octopus into a trot. The Stallion obeyed perfectly and gracefully fell into his natural trotting gait. Turning off the rail, Chelsie changed course straight for the small cross-rail. The Stallion's tiny ears flicked forward as he noticed the change as well. Slowing a bit at the sight of the jump, Octopus grew a bit unsteady. With one ear pointed back to Chelsie, he waited for her command. Chelsie lightly tapped the Stallion's side with her heels, urging him forward.

With that, Octopus refocused on the cross-rail, and with only a few strides left, the Stallion picked up a canter and took a giant leap over the small jump. Chelsie rode on a loose rein, letting the Stallion do what he pleased. She refused to hold him back in fear that if she pulled at his mouth he could end up hating jumping. Pushing her hands forward, she gave Octopus as much of his head as he pleased.

Landing on the other side, Chelsie cheered on the Stallion, telling him how proud she was and how good he was for jumping. Flicking his fluffy tail, the Stallion trotted off in a proud, satisfied gait. Perhaps Octopus will have a future in jumping?


Burik Pony Breed: *sazzy-riza
Octopus's Design: *sazzy-riza
Sand Texture: ~Sheiabah-Stock [link]

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