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warm and cold

more fooling around with paint at school :-D
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you have some skills with painting i cant wait to see wat other works you create!
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you'll seeeeee!!! :-D
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Warm and Cold, Fire and Ice, Red and Blue...
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It was an assingment at school that i got carried away
her directions:
paint flowing strokes for a cool feeling with cool colors and energetic zig zags for warm colors
looks left and right
mwhahaha time to have some real fun!!!
that is how it went
I based the crying girl off of miku
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I love when you get carried away XD It makes your art that much more epical!
It looks really good. :love:
Oh yes. Lozza fun :evillaugh: .
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Very beautiful.
*Adds to favourites*
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thank you! which side do you like best?
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I don't know! >_<
The cold one because it looks like Hatsune Miku, and the warm one because it looks like fire, a lady made of fire, and it reminds me of Blaze the Cat.
:D >_< I can't choose. I love both! ;)
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Miku! OMG I actually did base the girl off her! can you read minds our something? X-D
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I added you as a Friend AND to my Watch list. ;)
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Not always I can read minds. But look at her. She looks exactly like Miku.
Miku's color is blue right? Well then... there you have it.
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not always? does that mean sometimes you read minds? X-D
But, yeah i guess it was obvious if you knew about vocaloid. I love those guys :-D
and anyways thanks for friending and watching :-)
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I'm a huge fan of Vocaloid. I don't make drawings of Vocaloid, but I love them! Especially Miku.
No problem.
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