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The Waluigi Collab

The whole reason I wanted to do this was to see how certain people come off with a style of Waluigi and or how the go about doing poses for him. Originally I just wanted to do a collab with waluigi but then I put more thought into the reason why I wanted to do this.
This was very enjoyable to do thats what I find fun about doing collabs just seeing all this work come together is pretty radical.

Waluigi Dab Emoticon 

This artwork was made possible by 
:iconitsamewario48: (editing also by him)

Have a day
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How can I get a picture of your fredbear plush showing his whole body from front to back left and right because I would like to study it To get every part in detail because I’m a little worried to ask you this but I would like to make a toy for myself and only me and I’m asking permission to make an accurate toy of your plushie and I ask you may I have permission to Study your model? Also I like your content it’s really good And it’s horrible that some company decided to use your model and not even ask permission that’s just horrible it’s not nice
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Can you make your models more higher plz

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Austin, I saw it was your birthday today so... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDER!
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Can you make a baldi model as a fbx
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Year of Waluigi when?
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the true definition of beauty
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