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[Blender Release] Alice Angel V2

So I decided to remake it because the old one was bad so.
But The remake is far better then the old one.
Also for the people that asked hey when is the downloadable version gonna be a thing s t o p.
Think of this as a Thanksgiving gift or something.
Also to the people who think this is a SFM release can't you read the title you nards.
Render by:

Impatient Bendy 

Rules Before Using:
1. Credit if you are gonna use it.
2.No editing the model in anyway (unless your moving it to cycles)
3.If you wanna port it to any other software ask me first.
4. No making r34 or nsfw of this model.

Model Download:
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Image size
1920x2234px 32.78 MB
© 2017 - 2021 AustinTheBear
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Am I allowed to port this to MMD? (NOTE this is my first time trynna port a model XD)
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Can i port this to SFM? :D
MegaMatty99Bonnie's avatar
Austin Can i port her for sfm,too? (little extra questio, doesh she have already flexes)
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Hey Austin,my friend.
It's me again. Listen,i know you will surely make fun of me but, could you please give me the textures for this model?
Let me explain: your model in Blnder already has texture on it and i can't find a way to save them as a Png file orwhatever file is used for textures.
Can you please tell me how to do it,or give to me the textures of this models so my work can be easier?
MegaMatty99Bonnie's avatar
MegaMatty99Bonnie's avatar
Austin,my freind,there's a problem. It says stash not found what happened?
MegaMatty99Bonnie's avatar
Mighty,Great! Arigatou Gouzaimashita
TimeLordMama's avatar
DirtBot really wanna port it to SFM, are you going to port it to SFM soon, if not can DirtBot Port It to SFM. He will NOT give it to anyone else.
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Hair like garden hose.
SnakeyArt's avatar
i think i broke all the rules in the description
AustinTheBear's avatar
rossyfilms's avatar
she looks like a cute child
Stevieawsome's avatar
Finally a awsome beautiful Alice angel! amazing job man! Definitely using this model :)
dolnetgamer's avatar
i want it. it perfect but i use c4d :c
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