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3 Random Blender Models Release

The name says it all.
So the reason i'm doing this is to say thanks for all the support on everything I do on here and I wouldn't be here without all of you <3
But I only did 3 models because I didn't want to release to much for today I will release more one day who knows.
As promised here are the 3 models you can download:
Cagney Carnation:
King Koopa Internal and Cycles:
Re - Design Eggman:

Kitty Dance 
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FNAFlittlestpetshop's avatar
At least you have just the Cagney for Blender released. 
I has blender so *phew*
Prince-Ghast's avatar
Your Cagney lacks emotions and face flexes
MegaMatty99Bonnie's avatar
Well here we go again. Sorry for bothering you Austin, but may I have your permission to port Cagney6, this time? 
cagney doesn't work
360MealMan's avatar
I can't wait until someone makes a model of Dr. Robotnik from The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. xD
By the way, I really like your models! You've definitely improved a lot since I last saw your work.
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foxrally's avatar
Great work man! It's a shame the cuphead pack was cancelled. Quick question though, how do I view the other stages for cagney carnation?
AustinTheBear's avatar
its on the other layers, if you look at the bottom of the screen you can see there are a bunch of cubes and some have dots in them click the ones with the dots and they should be there.
foxrally's avatar
Thank you so much! Wow, all that modelling and rigging must have taken forever. You're really talented! I saw your comment on the other guy, it really sucks that some people can take advantage of you like that. Wish you all the best moving forward!
GoldenFreddyReborn's avatar
Now to think about the Cagney Carnation been released,I wonder what happened to Cuphead boss pack that was promised months back?

Anyway, All 3 models look great for blender standards. 
AustinTheBear's avatar
Well it was but two people decided not to help me in any way,shape, or form so it was cancelled and if you have a problem with that then you can go somewhere else.
GoldenFreddyReborn's avatar
Well No. I don't have a problem with the pack being cancelled. I'm not disappointed but the people that are looking forward and seeing this comment are,So I don't feel sorry it. Thanks for the info.
RedGekkouga's avatar
Now we wait for SFM ports.
CandyTheCatBR's avatar
i'm waiting since 2017
ExcisIsTrash's avatar
that fucking Eggman is hot,you don't mind if i use the model to make a Sonic Mania mod with him right?
AustinTheBear's avatar
im fine with using the model but if u plan on doing something with the design be sure to credit nerfuffle for it
Mal21-meme's avatar
Eggman looks great!
AustinTheBear's avatar
go find a porter yourself that is not my job.
MegaMatty99Bonnie's avatar
Ay. Don't worry someone's gonna port them for SFM,maybe but not me because i can't do it
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