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Please don't have an OS war on the comments, people. I love Mac and Linux AND Windows. Chill! I'm an equal opportunity computer user. It's something a friend of mine said, and I thought it would make a great wallpaper.

Photoshop, 5 minutes, font is "Distro"

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AWWW!!! Nerd burn!!! :iconwindowsplz:
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Awwwww yeaahhhhhhhh
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mehh, i still <3 windows
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Windows is also not virus because VIRUSES DO SOMETHING! ;)
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lol So true, I download things ALL the time, have NO antivirus software whatsoever, and have a Windows 7 Install disk ready and waiting for a bad time like a virus... and I've NEVER even gotton a virus because I've learned how to EASILY avoid them while still getting everything you want to download! :) P.S. I LOVE MAC TOO!
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Windows 7 is nice, but of course with Microsoft it's too little too late.
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that sounds a little elitist to me...
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add "confusing as fuck", and you have a mac.
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haha just great. :)
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But vista is...
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Giggle fest. I love it. I laugh at how much Microsoft is trying to hype up vista... can we say Move on already? Giggle. >.> I want a mac.
haha very good one
at first, when I saw the preview I said to myself, WHAT? Windows is a virus. It has always been a virus.
But then curiosity helped me out to find out your true, and very true, thoughts.

Its funny though, you made a windows vista theme, didn't you? Its like if you were theming a virus.
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I do make windows themes and I do love windows, however I will still acknowledge it basically sucks in comparison to some other things ;)
Themeing a virus is a cool concept, actually
Hah, now that you mention it, it might be cool...somehow.
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Well...truth hurts. ^_~ [says the chick who only has Windoze on her comp...LOL]

Too true, though. LOL
At austin.
Windows has the best driver support and out of the box settings out of any OS on the planet.
Tell that to yourself next time you need a codec pack to watch a movie. Or perhaps a recoded driver, because it freezes your system. Don't talk about windows when you don't have a brain :)
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Windows has the best driver support???? Utter rubbish. I think you lack the knowledge to make a coherent statement. Windows users have had to put up with poor service and a faulty OS for years. How long do we have to put up with this Microsoft garbage?
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At RokyKing (

A. First statement is opinion (idiot).
B. Bullshit. Have you heard about the NVIDIA problems? There are so many problems with Windows and Drivers its kinda hard to believe they would ship vista with that kind of support (and lying about Vista Readiness, to boot (no pun intended))
C. Windows's out of the box settings are horrible, slow, and fugly. (Much like your mother)
D. I'm not sure that third sentence makes any sense. . . If windows is great out of the box, why should I have to get a codec pack to watch a movie? And especially one that would crash my system, a noob move a noob much like yourself would make :D
E. I can't understand half the shit you're saying. lol.
F. Meatball
G. Don't talk about windows when you don't have a brain
H. If I don't have a brain, I sure as hell am gonna talk about windows if you're going to, 'cause it seems like you have less brain than anyone :)
I. Okay, you do realize this is a WALLPAPER, a little jpeg file, a picture of a red gradient with some words over top right? If you're honestly insulted, I recommend you rethink your priorities and promptly jump off a very, very tall building.
J. All the way to letter J? You're a troll. (A smelly one. (Again, Much like your mother.))
K. I love windows. It's my home boy. Jackass.
L. Didn't I say not to have an OS war in the comments? Now let's be have like GOOD little children and not say stupid things for stupid reasons, okay? Gooooood. Want a cookie? :bucktooth:
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ahahahah after reading that comment that RokyKing wrote i totally agree with you XD.

windows out-of-the-box fucking can't even open/view 90% of media files.

and yes, i use windows and os x. windows only for the odd game or two :P everything else on mac
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