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MX for Vista - 3 Visual Styles

By Austin8159
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MX for Vista: 3 Visual Styles
!!! Now contains Version 0.5 (beta), Version 1.0, and Version 1.5 !!!
by =Austin8159
Differences from Aero
- New Taskbar
- New Start Button
- New Start Menu
- New Window glass effects
- New Caption button effects
- New Shellstyle
- Different buttons in General
- Different Windows Basic Style
Comments & Fav's are much appreciated :hug:
Update 7-8-08: I changed the preview image, title, and description. I'll probably update the Visual Style itself, with a V2.0; completely modded from Aero. Keep your heads up.
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ok i tried to use this theme and i put the folders in the resourses/themes all I see are folders, no theme, what did I do wrong?
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did you replace your original uxtheme files manually or with a program like vistaglazz?
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who is there
can any one answer me
hi to every one at home
OMg just the theme i was looking for soooooo long but can u pls change the orb and taskbar windows color shadow to the original pls
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Awesome theme Featured it on my blog [link]

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Which version is the one on the left of the preview? I've tried all three versions, but can't get my Windows Explorer box to have that awesome gray pattern to replace the white background of it. How do I get it to look like that?
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actually I'm not sure what you're talking about haha
can you describe it better? more clearly maybe?
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Oh! Haha, sorry, I tend to not make sense sometimes. XD
At the right of the preview picture it shows of the theme(I said left earlier, I guess I don't know my directions XD), it shows that box (the gadget window I believe) with the gray swirly design for the background of it. Is it possible to get that for when you open Pictures or Documents?
I hope I'm not being too confusing this time.. haha
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I don't think that's possible with normal explorer windows - that's just the way the gadget window works :P
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Ohh, hmm. I've tried a few that did have dark ones, but the font text just didn't look right.
Oh, well.

Awesome theme regardless. Thanks! :D
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I love this theme. You did an excellent job.
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Very nice job, love the polished feel.
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be careful of ~dismyacont he might steal it... like he did with =patrickgs...btw good job as usual
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