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It's here.

This took a year of my life, and a great amount of effort.

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i like this theme plss help me how to install
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you need rainmeter to apply it
this theme is only in 64bit or even 32bit is compatible
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I love this theme excellent job!
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how to download this
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click download on the right :D
copy the msstyles file to your theme folder on your system, there are instructions within the file you'll download
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You're welcome! I love the Candara font too... it's neat.
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specially the way the numbers are.... ;-)
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Low sixes are the shit!
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ha ha hell yeah! XD
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To installl this theme:

1. Extract the .Zip file to a folder of your choice.
2. Copy Either Aeon Dark or Aeon Light to C:\Windows\Resources\themes
3. Go into the folder you just copied, and copy the Visual Style file.
4. Paste the visual style file in the root themes folder (C:\Windows\resources\Theme)
5. Double Click on Visual Style, and then look for it in the list, and click apply when you have found it.

There you go it should work for you now.
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a8159 - i need a theme file to run it - do you have one ??
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No you don't, look up how to install them elsewhere
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a8159 - uhoh - windows vista !!
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a8159 - which os is this vs for ?? pls reply, thx !!
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I love it. It looks amazing.
But the link to the process of installation in the package isn't valid. ):
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excellent work !!!
Hello,Very nice Job, Just beautiful ;)
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Just installed, very sick my friend, great attention to detail! keep up the hard work.
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WOW, i like this soo much and you have really outdone yourself, im enjoying using your style, thank you.
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