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Oc Stand: Lost in Heaven
Stand Name:  Lost In Heaven
Stand Ability: Event Capture
Power - C
Speed - E
Range - D
Durability - B
Precision - E
Potential - C
Description: The stand entity itself is a relatively tough fighter able to take a lot of damage.  however, the real potential of the stand comes from it's power.  The ability to capture/release past, present or future event.  The user can capture any past, present or future event and store it for later use, allowing them to hold the event with them as long as they want, and release it, causing it to happen whenever they want.
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Alien 11. Formation
SPECIES: unstable shapeshifting organism, formely human
HOME PLANET: formerly earth.  found inside asteroid belt
WEAKNESSESS: unstable form, cannot stay in one form for too long or it starts to physically hurt him.
height: varies
weight: varies
BIO: Formation is quite infamous among the galaxy not just as a murderer but as a wild uncontrollable monster who can take on any form.  Not many have learned of his origins.  Formation actually started out as an undiscovered organism found in an asteroid cluster by a bioengineer researching new forms of life.  He came across a mysterious organism, barely sentient, gifted with a fascinating ability to adapt to its surroundings.  The scientist discovered it even has the ability to phase shift.  Galactic author
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Klinkers Mix by Austin7613 Klinkers Mix :iconaustin7613:Austin7613 1 0
One Piece pirate crew: Treasure Pirates
One Piece Pirate crew: The Treasure Pirates
Origin: Alabasta
Ship: The precious mole
Captain: Digal K. Jack
First mate: Digal K. Zack
This crew's jolly roger is with a shovel and pickaxe.
Description: The Treasure pirates live for finding their namesake, TREASURE! The whole crew is all themed after miners. These pirates are known for being the best treasure hunters and diggers in the entire world.
The ship is large submarine called the precious Mole.  Named for the front tip of the sub that can spin as an extremely powerful drill that can bore through anything.
The captain, Digal K. Jack actually has a "Nose" for treasure whenever it is nearby. In the ground or not. He is even greedier than a certain orange-hair navigator. Jack wields a shovel and a pickaxe that can connect to become a halberd. ;Jack himself can actually dig at inhuman speeds and accuracy. Almost speed up to mach 3 if he gives it his all.  He even claims "With my tools, there's nothing i cant break through! N
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Wraith Onyx sketch by Austin7613 Wraith Onyx sketch :iconaustin7613:Austin7613 0 6
Iori Kaine info
Full name:Iori Kaine
Species: Unknown (thought to be a demon)
City or town of birth:unknown but first ever known record of him is in New York City
Currently lives:travels the world with the Cirque Du Noir
Languages spoken: English
Relationship Status:Single(face it who'd ever want to go out with a mad killer?)
Height: 6"5
Weight: 170 pounds
Figure/build:tall skinny
Eye colour : right red left grey
Preferred style of clothing: Jester's garb covered in visible patches head to toe
Frequently worn jewellery/accessories:His beloved mask he never takes it off.
Abilities: Illusionist, limited shape-changing, elasticity,
Personality: Iori is someone who laughs at everything.  He approaches everything with energy and showmanship. He is also completely psychotic who sees killing as a past time when he isn't running his circus of fear.  He literally always laughs in the face of da
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Character wip by Austin7613 Character wip :iconaustin7613:Austin7613 1 0


Zipline by uotapo Zipline :iconuotapo:uotapo 3,448 235 Kamen Rider Omnitrix (Redesign) by KururuLabo Kamen Rider Omnitrix (Redesign) :iconkururulabo:KururuLabo 307 46 Kamen Rider M by KururuLabo Kamen Rider M :iconkururulabo:KururuLabo 136 12 Commission: Shovel Knight X by ultimatemaverickx Commission: Shovel Knight X :iconultimatemaverickx:ultimatemaverickx 871 60
Paper Villains
On writing three-dimensional villains
Brought to you by Super Editor
Disclaimer: (as experience suggests that I need one) This resource consists of opinions. There may be better ways to write, and my advice may not fit your type of story. Please use common sense when applying the ideas expressed below. Thanks for reading!

Do you remember the Big Bad Wolf? He destroyed the Three Little Pigs' houses and ate them (or only chased them, depending on the rendition). He ran to Little Red Riding Hood's home and devoured her grandmother. The Big Bad Wolf appears in countless fairy tales to eat and terrorize the general populace.
In many children's stories, the Big Bad Wolf is symbolic for the negative consequences that can follow bad choices. Two of the Three Little Pigs failed to work hard on their houses, allowing the wolf to blow them over with his tremendous breath. Littl
:iconmisslunarose:MissLunaRose 3,564 691
Art Trade: Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie by Arurein Art Trade: Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie :iconarurein:Arurein 368 32 Double Power by Audrarius Double Power :iconaudrarius:Audrarius 2,014 101 GLaDOS by QueenBloodySky GLaDOS :iconqueenbloodysky:QueenBloodySky 212 16 Red Pyramid Cube by xErasmo Red Pyramid Cube :iconxerasmo:xErasmo 37 6 kamen rider coloured by ang-ahiera kamen rider coloured :iconang-ahiera:ang-ahiera 167 40 CM- Fanfic Cream by Kojiro-Brushard CM- Fanfic Cream :iconkojiro-brushard:Kojiro-Brushard 317 17 Samus in Mega Man? by Glee-chan Samus in Mega Man? :iconglee-chan:Glee-chan 395 46 Mega Man Juno by zack-materia-hunter Mega Man Juno :iconzack-materia-hunter:zack-materia-hunter 22 5 Fishing Motivational Poster by krawky398 Fishing Motivational Poster :iconkrawky398:krawky398 62 7 the real sonic the hedgehog by v-trayal the real sonic the hedgehog :iconv-trayal:v-trayal 69 27 Mekhane, the Broken God by Zhange000 Mekhane, the Broken God :iconzhange000:Zhange000 394 133


it stinks being on hiatus.  of course the reason is that schoolwork can keep one busy for quite a while.  a couple years to be exact.  don't know when i could get back to writing but hopefully it will be soon.


Austin Morrison
United States
Always be weird!


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