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Maybe You Can Borrow It If You're Sure You'll Fit by austin-dern Maybe You Can Borrow It If You're Sure You'll Fit :iconaustin-dern:austin-dern 2 0 Another rabbit at rest by austin-dern Another rabbit at rest :iconaustin-dern:austin-dern 0 1 Lemuel and a coati by austin-dern Lemuel and a coati :iconaustin-dern:austin-dern 1 2 The Ribbon Winner by austin-dern The Ribbon Winner :iconaustin-dern:austin-dern 0 1 Natural Habits of the Zippersnake: Panting by austin-dern Natural Habits of the Zippersnake: Panting :iconaustin-dern:austin-dern 3 0 Exploring The Natural Habits Of The Zippersnake by austin-dern Exploring The Natural Habits Of The Zippersnake :iconaustin-dern:austin-dern 0 2 ZipperSnake by austin-dern ZipperSnake :iconaustin-dern:austin-dern 4 0 Rabbit-At-Rest by austin-dern Rabbit-At-Rest :iconaustin-dern:austin-dern 0 3 How-To-Western-Dragon by austin-dern How-To-Western-Dragon :iconaustin-dern:austin-dern 2 1 How-To-Wyvern-Lineless by austin-dern How-To-Wyvern-Lineless :iconaustin-dern:austin-dern 1 1 How-To-Wyvern by austin-dern How-To-Wyvern :iconaustin-dern:austin-dern 1 2 How-To-Lindworm by austin-dern How-To-Lindworm :iconaustin-dern:austin-dern 1 2 How-To-Amphiptere by austin-dern How-To-Amphiptere :iconaustin-dern:austin-dern 1 0 How-Not-To-Amphisbaenia by austin-dern How-Not-To-Amphisbaenia :iconaustin-dern:austin-dern 0 0 How-To-Hydra by austin-dern How-To-Hydra :iconaustin-dern:austin-dern 1 2 Little-orphan-fluffy by austin-dern Little-orphan-fluffy :iconaustin-dern:austin-dern 0 0


Your voice has gone silent, the echoes have faded.
The light of your eyes is forever, now, shaded.
I’m left with a great gaping hole in my heart,
While my life endures, we have been thrust apart.
The tears well up thickly and my vision blurs.
I have trouble breathing, the problem recurs.
You must be in bliss, that’s my hope and belief,
But now I must stagger, alone with my grief.
We stole priceless hours and shared a pure joy,
But such are the flowers one frost can destroy.
The joyous sweet time that we shared was a boon
I was not prepared when the bill came so soon.
Your life was so fraught with such burdens and pain,
I begged God to help you, and that could explain
That when your health failed you, He moved mercifully
And bore off your burdens, and thus, you from me.
I yet still look for you, but foolish hopes fail.
I still so adore you but no pleas will avail.
Your sweet call of greeting has, with you, departed.
No more joy in meeting, I sob, broken-hearted.
I'm reft of
:iconmensjedezeemeermin:MensjeDeZeemeermin 23 33
All in My Mind
(For Mavra)
Each day a new self leaves the old one behind.
Some aspects are lost, riven, fixed or refined.
And now I am altered, as if stricken blind,
My world is now solely within my own mind.
My body’s borne burdens with more aches and pains,
It lies weakened now, but my duty remains.
It seems that other parts of me can suffer sprains,
A blood vessel’s burst in my stroke-weakened brains.
Cancer once gripped me, made me weak and ill;
Left scars seen and unseen, I bear them all still.
And now a new illness moves in for the kill.
The weapon last left me, my weakened, mute will.
That will cannot make half my body respond.
I fight not to drown in the Slough of Despond.
Strangers surround me, they’re paid for my care,
And friends are left wond’ring how much of me’s there.
There’s anger and boredom, resentment and rage.
My body’s become my sad stricken soul’s cage.
Not all of me’s here, but here is where I am.
My family has late
:iconmensjedezeemeermin:MensjeDeZeemeermin 10 39
Daily Paint 1835# Winter Coati by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 1835# Winter Coati :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,181 97 Coati by Reptangle Coati :iconreptangle:Reptangle 180 19 Grumpy Raccoon by LilleahWest Grumpy Raccoon :iconlilleahwest:LilleahWest 98 5 Nacho Nom by cartoonlion Nacho Nom :iconcartoonlion:cartoonlion 61 4 Commission-Jasmine Snake by Nippy13 Commission-Jasmine Snake :iconnippy13:Nippy13 763 127
For Mary: The Process of Creation
I draw at night
Using memories of light
In the hope that the sight
Of my work will please.
The things that I draw
Every marvel, or flaw
In my mind's eye I saw
With joyous ease.
You behold, you might, then praise.
I draw more both nights and days...
You share ideas,
And I trap them with lines,
Adding colors and shade
To give them form.
If my work is skilled,
You behold, and are thrilled
And the two of us filled
With thoughts that warm.
What shall I draw here and now?
I imagine... Draw it how?
I sit erect,
Take my tablet in hand
For my visions demand
I trap them now.
I know what I see,
How can I make it be
What I strenuously
Trace with my hand?
All want beauty, no less I...
It's my duty--dream, and try...
Such things I see,
It must not be just me
Before memories flee
To tack them down.
Now it is done
(And the drawing was fun)
Have I lost or won?
Will you smile or frown?
You send thanks, promise a verse...
I, then, could perhaps have done worse...
I draw at night
Using memories of light
:iconmensjedezeemeermin:MensjeDeZeemeermin 15 36
Kasumi the Lifeguard by bouncymischa Kasumi the Lifeguard :iconbouncymischa:bouncymischa 161 15
Ursula's Hungry Pear
Let all the artists salute
Vernon's unique, dentate fruit.
You don't know 'dentate?'
Oh, good grief!
'Dentate' means 'equipped with teeth.'
Such a viand, might, with spite,
Match you, tasting, BITE FOR BITE!
Touch it not, bugs, with a feeler.
Housewife, spare the rusty peeler!
Shun it, spurn it, wisdom flees!
Chew on this one, and get sore!
This pear's altered--to the core!
Pray the thing will get no bigger.
Ask instead for more of 'Digger.'
What's next? Apples bearing fangs?
So much for MY hunger pangs!
Get it drunk, if liquor's handy,
I've heard pears are good, with brandy.
What is this now that I see?
Did that orange SMILE at me?
Spare that coconut a whack!
It might, piqued, and armed, HIT BACK!
But it's useful, no mistake.
There are no lips, on a steak--
Smiling fruit, however sweet,
Give me reason to choose meat.
Baked potato, between bites,
Mouthing pleas for 'TOOTHED PEAR RIGHTS!'
So we must admire it, there.
Ursula HAS got 'quite a pear.'
:iconmensjedezeemeermin:MensjeDeZeemeermin 11 23
Like Clockwork 3 - Sands of Time p1 by ibenz009 Like Clockwork 3 - Sands of Time p1 :iconibenz009:ibenz009 713 13 Coatimundi with Messershmitt Car by Zaphkiellane Coatimundi with Messershmitt Car :iconzaphkiellane:Zaphkiellane 29 8
Centaurs' Sad Reflection
They gave Nessus a bright red nose
And made his skin dark blue.
And this has, since Fantasia, proved
A sad fact we all knew,
That though the Ancient Greek artistes
All could appreciate us,
The fact is very clear, now, that
The Disney Artists hate us.
Chiron taught young HerAcles,
A centaur, if you please,
They've given his job to some slob,
Name of Philoctetes,
And made Achilles OLDER, somehow,
Do they hope to bait us?
They try to use our myths, but still
The Disney Artists hate us.
They try to draw a centauress
And inspiration fails,
They somehow think we'd let someone
Come up and bob our tails.
As if we'd let a two-legs
Have a chance to mutilate us!
I guess it's wishful thinking, since
The Disney Artists hate us.
Winsor McCay could draw us,
And his work's still not been bested,
And Disney stole a lot from him,
If someone's interested.
We hope a better treatment
Of our folk might still await us,
Let's hope Dreamworks gets busy, for
The Disney Artists hate us.
And if, someday, i
:iconmensjedezeemeermin:MensjeDeZeemeermin 16 30
Commission: Piper by OwlyGem Commission: Piper :iconowlygem:OwlyGem 159 4 Tori delicacy by ZootopiaStories Tori delicacy :iconzootopiastories:ZootopiaStories 1,301 91
Wet Rabbit
One tap… makes you hotter…
And one tap… makes you cold…
And if you splash… any water…
You will hear your… owner scold.
It’s not malice…  But it gets so old.
We rabbits… are soon mastered…
By our instincts… and our fears…
And that stupid… primate bastard…
Just got shampoo… in my ears…
It’s not malice… But it’s ‘No More Tears.’
And if you go… bathing rabbits…
And you rub them… with a towel…
However… kind their habits…
You will hear them… try to growl…
Bunny faces… don’t do ‘scowl!’
Now the bath is… finally over…
And your fur’s soggy and flat…
And you splay your claws while crouching
Rather grouchy… on the mat…
You had best remember…
Past the urge to… gnaw and shred…
:iconmensjedezeemeermin:MensjeDeZeemeermin 8 27


Maybe You Can Borrow It If You're Sure You'll Fit
International Melting Day picture featuring Zukaro_Travon, who had the good luck to be born on it.  Also the picture where I finally learned how to draw guide rules in Manga Studio 4 so you can judge my progress as a pretend artist.  


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