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June 8, 2012
The suggester says, "Truly a refreshing spin-off of Beauty and the Beast. Sexy? I think so." Beauty and the Beast by ~Austh
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Suggested by amandas-sketches
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Beauty and the Beast

This is a Illustration a I did for inauguration theme of the blog "Be creative".

This is the link:[link]

It's a Blog-site created for those who like Art and Illustration.
He was born with the purpose of not only post pictures, but visual content from a theme, which participants illustrate the topic on their experiences.
In addition to this we can practice our art, comment on the posted job helping each other improve, and each with its style, also increase our visual culture, always creating new possibilities for a new illustration, opening new horizons for artistic solutions , new styles, learning from errors and successes of each one ...
Feel free to enjoy both professional work, as students and amateurs.

The first theme was Disney, so I made a illustration of Beauty and the Beast, which was, if I remember correctly the first movie of Disney I watched.

So enjoy.

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© 2011 - 2021 Austh
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Mischapus's avatar
 WOW! This is amazing!! 
Austh's avatar
Thanks a lot for the compliment!!
Shimazun's avatar
the shading *-* awesome
AyeluvYooeTu's avatar
You did my favorite Disney couple some justice!
RedMoon99's avatar
Lovely! She looks somewhat seductive.
painful-rapture's avatar
I love this, it's like somebody removed the child safety filter and this is what was underneath :D
rababco's avatar
This is pretty cool, The Beast is even bigger and more frightening while Belle is beautiful and doesn't appear frightened of The Best behind her. She seems to know that he would never hurt her and will protect her.
SoedBlackChaos's avatar
Thought you might want to know your work is being used here:…
Lixadry's avatar
Amazing art style :heart:
boreddrawer's avatar
Love the comic book look and the harsh shadows. Gives a whole new depth to this Disney movie.
Roxasandcheckers's avatar
Just found this. Absolutely beautiful.
Charismamercer87's avatar
this is something right here, this is exactly how beauty and the beast should've looked
ladyjart's avatar
That is just to awesome..geat work..:)
hola la secundaria donde trabajo esta por hacer una obra de teatro con secundaria y me agrado tu imagen, para promocionar nuestra obra la bella y la bestia, nos darías permiso de usar tu material para el cartel, la obra es sin lucro, es totalmente gratis y se hace en la explanada de la escuela.

hello high school where I work is to make a play in high school and I liked your image, to promote our work beauty and the beast ondary us permission to use your material for the poster, the work is non-profit, is absolutely free and done in the courtyard of the school.
Austh's avatar
I sent you a private note about this ok.
Thanks for the compliment.

nathyfaith's avatar
Amazing! I love it!
Austh's avatar
Thanks!! ^^V
JennHoffmann's avatar
This is so cool!
Austh's avatar
Thanks!!! ^^V
JennHoffmann's avatar
Of course! It's amazing! It's so different than the usual Disney-style, so it's so much cooler.
MyokoAkane's avatar
Austh's avatar
Thaaaaanks!!!!! ^^V
IzzytasticOriginals's avatar
This is like comic books meets beauty and the beast! This is the best!
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