:zombie: Which character from another TV series would survive the longest in The Walking Dead's universe, and how? (comment below)
119 votes
Rust Cohle (True Detective)
Hannibal Lecter (Hannibal)
Walter White (Breaking Bad)
Ron Swanson (Parks & Rec)
Arya Stark (Game of Thrones)
Dexter Morgan (Dexter)
Richard Harrow (Boardwalk Empire)
Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly)
Dr. Steve Brule (Check it Out! with Dr. Steve Brule)
David Brent (The Office UK)

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Rust Cohle. Even being high, he can manage everything. ;p

Also it's interesting to see Arya leading the poll. :D
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Dr. Steve Brule, because for some reason, the dumber you are, the longer you live.  Just look at the Alexandria community.
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Ron would just make another universe ... Hannibal would die of food poisoning.. ill go with rust if the firefly guy cant use his firefly stuff...
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David Brent would lock him self away and find amusing way to occupy his time, each morning he would give a speech out of the window to the hoards of dead instructing them on better ways to socially interact, The comic factor for this alone would win my vote! 
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Arya is a little girl, which makes the living underestimate her and take pity on her. She has shown that she is a good liar. At the same time she could probably take care of herself. She is clever and agile and she knows the basics of fighting. I'd say she'd do fine. 
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Tough call, Dex or Mal... They're both pretty likely to survive, But I reckon Mal would have a better chance at surviving, past experience with Reavers and whatnot, also his military training, proficiency with firearms, level-headedness and planning ability.
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Well i would say hannibal, but arya is faster and less likely to kill and eat you behind your back, where as arya is okay as long as you do nothing bad to her, plus she is a baddass, she's fast smart and i'd say she becoming fairly good in combat relying on the element of suprise so sheed do well in a zombie apocalypse 
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Dexter is a loner, he would be suited to going it alone. He would also feel right at home with other monsters. Also, killing and stealth are good qualities needed for The Walking Dead :zombie:
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So happy to see Arya Stark leading the poll. I don't how she would do it, but this little girl is such a bad ass.
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Dude, Ron Swanson, most definitely.
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absolutely agree!
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Right? Ron Swanson ain't gonna take any zombie bullshit.
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Hannibal would eat everyone. Anthony hopkins not Mads mikkelsen.
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I think Hannibal could pull it off.
The meat is a low quality but it will due, and he wouldn't be dead in a few seasons, he'd be the one killing everyone's favorite characters. >:3
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Dexter because of his intellect and brutality when needed.
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I want to say Dexter Morgan but Malcolm is officially the winner here
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