Hardest thing to remember to do each day?
225 votes
Get out of bed
Brush teeth
Eat the right amount of food
Drink enough water
Get enough work done
Get enough sleep
Other (comment below)

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Sleeping. Then again, I'm a mild insomniac.
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Well basically, the only thing I can not remember to do is ever finish my journal series lol.
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completely forgotten about the combat training in the PLA Camp :3
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definitely drinking water (i've had a cup of tea and a cup of coffee today and its already lunchtime) but sometimes i seriously forget to brush my teeth! if i'm leaving in a hurry i may skip it, but if im not leaving the house in the morning i often forget. terrible!!!
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Trying to have a positive outlook on a life worth living further.  
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Most of these are pretty tough for me, but I'd say drinking enough water is the biggest one. I've had days where I didn't drink anything at all. :\
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I would forget people's names sometimes but that's because I need to focus I guess! :(
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Everything below Brush Teeth.
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several of them and far more XD
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All of those are incredibly hard to remember :( .
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Mine would have to be planning for things the next day to do & checking off I'm doing it.
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 I've been forgetting to feed my Stitcher Trey his meat tunnels, (that's what he calls intestines)
but this is due to not enough sleep... and food and medications and thinking of the brain and probably water deprivation and I carn't stop thinking about invading Canberra with my Stitchers and killing everyone their that wears a tie and the dreams of those talking bats that never say anything interesting... 
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for me its the oddities that don't usually crop up but i need to do like.. once every 2 weeks. Like reading meters, or ironing shirts.
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All of the above but... Get enough sleep... Yeah, nothin' more than that ;) (Wink) 
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Remembering to wake up obvioisly lol
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Brushing teeth, and drinking water.
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All of the above. XD
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