Favourite art podcast to listen to and why? (Check them out!)
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The Collective Podcast - www.thecollectivepodcast.com/
Crimson Conversations (Crimson Daggers) - www.youtube.com/user/DaveRapoz…
Chris Oatley's Art Cast - www.youtube.com/user/coatley/v…
Other? (Comment below, always great to find new ones)

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I Listen to Ninja Mountain podcast. Very informative over 200 podcast episode. Cover legal stuff, review portfolio, some history of illustration, interview artist, listener question, and there real chemistry between the member, and other advice for the Scifi fantasy illustrator.

Best part is the stuff involving one of the artist Socar Myles, who is very funny even when she trying not to. Such as when see tell the story of how she try to be a child book illustrator but keep on getting rejected because people felt her art was scary for children because her art style, or when she accidentally did a painting of a mouse that is high for a children book. Because they are working artist  and are learning as they go each episode sometime take month to come out.
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not specifically art related but, if you're into creature design for film and hollywood practical fx stuff, Jordu Schell has been posting a weekly audio blog called freelance horseshit, where he talks about freelancing horror stories and other stuff. he has some great stories and he's a really funny guy.
he also did a podcast called n.e.r.d.cast from a few years back that was pretty epic, imo. past episodes can be found on his website.

also used to listen to the Drawn Tday podcast but I don't think they're active anymore but their back episodes are available on their blog.

and i'll second the sidebar podcast. an awesome podcast and they've had a lot of big name creators on their show..
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Fantasy Fiction podcast, two guys writing awesome fantasy stories and reading them to each other. Really fun.
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Ah sweet, thanks for the recommendation! :)
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Critial Role! Long and fantastic D&D by house rules. Oh, and everybody involved is a professional voice actor... sooo smooth to listen to.
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Ah awesome, will have to check that out!
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If you haven't checked them out, I'd like to suggest these two to you:
SideBar Nation - I'd bet you know this one.  The three hosts interview everyone from comic artists, concept artists, fine artists, and illustrators.  It's one of the podcasts that inspired me to pursue my own work that much harder.
Your Dreams My Nightmares - This one has inspired the same amount of fervor for our craft.  The interviewer is Sam Weber, an amazingly accomplished illustrator, himself.  He mostly talks to illustrators in the New York City area.  His questions are amazing and he evokes a lot of insightful and inspiring answers from his guests.

All the best, man!
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Thanks so much, no I haven't checked those out yet but will be sure to now. Cheers for sharing! Have you seen the ones I posted before? They're all pretty awesome. ;)
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One Fantastic Week is the only one I've listened to.  I've heard a little of Crimson Daggers.  I'll keep them on my radar for illustration podcasts.  These come in so handy when putting in the long hours.
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RollPlay Solum - simply because I can work while hearing people playing D&D
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Haha awesome, thanks :)
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