Supanova Perth (Stand 45), New Website and Thanks!

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Hey guys and gals and ghouls, how's it all going?

Apologies that I don't update my deviantART as much as I used to, it's busy times these days and although I'm really grateful that I'm able to tour around Australia and do so many shows and conventions - it definitely makes it harder to keep everything else updated! That being said, I have finally launched my new website portfolio over at - where you can see my latest and best work, projects and also an archive gallery of all my older work too. I'll also have a Store setup there soon where I'll have originals, sketchbooks and signed prints for sale directly from me (much easier than correspondence via email) - and there's also more ways to keep up to date with what conventions I'll be at soon. I've been working on it for a lil' while myself using Squarespace, so let me know what you think!

This weekend I'm exhibiting with my artwork for sale at Supanova Perth for the home show, I'm at Stand 45 in the Alley. I've also got another live demo Creature Design Workshop on at 2:30pm - 3:30pm on the Saturday (tomorrow) at the Imagineer's Playground Stage where I'll be going through my Photoshop process in front of the crowd. Should be fun!

I also just wanted to say a big thank you for more than 10,000 watchers! Really means a lot since deviantART was my main platform for sharing my work starting out, so thanks a lot for the support.

I know I always say this but I've got way more art and monsters and book projects coming soon. Will have just had 3 weekend big shows after this weekend (Melbourne, Sydney and Perth) so looking forward to getting back to uploading some more art soon. Below are some new longer casual YouTube videos I've been putting up recently, hope they're somewhat useful and fun to hang out and talk about art with! Let me know what you think of this kind of format and I look forward to doing more.

Cheers everyone and all the best!
- Austen
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Saw you at Supanova! I was with the CIC lot on stand 79 
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It was really awesome watching you draw at supanova today. I actually haven't looked at your art much and just sat down cause I thought it looked interesting, and then got handed a book with your art in it and recognised your picture of Jack Skellington. I think your art is awesome! 

I was really dissapointed cause I ended up having to walk away before you finished, and I remember looking back right when you were adding some red to your shadow man , and I thought " Damn it! That looks awesome to watch! "  XD

I am gonna give you a watch X3 
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your new website look amazing! and those videos are cool! :iconlikebuttonplz:
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Congrats on your new website.  Went there and like the layout.  Will further investigate it at later time.  Good that you are so busy!